7 Stylish TV Dads Who Have Shown Us What Personal Style Is All About

Ah, fathers: They're there to let you know when you've been out too late or when your skirt is just a tad bit too short. But who would've thought that dads could actually teach us a thing or two about personal style — major fashion inspiration might not have come from my real life dad, but there were stylish TV dads that have made a lasting style impression on my sartorial existence.

From their constantly changing prints to their staple outfits, these dads wore some ensembles that made fashionistas everywhere stop and stare. But even better than the looks themselves were the lessons that came with them. In just a half an hour, TV dads everywhere could teach us more about personal style than any trip to the mall. After all, it's so much easier to listen to a dad that isn't yours.

No matter the era, these dads gave style lessons that still hold true today. Through corny music and staged houses, they taught us some of the truest lessons in life. And although these men may not be real, they exist in the hearts of TV watchers all across the globe. It's about time we thanked them for their best lesson of all — how to rock some serious personal style.

1. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve

Cam and Mitchell Tucker-Pritchett taught us that sometimes it's OK to (quite literally) wear your heart on your sleeve. From bold prints to unique colors, these men aren't afraid to show their personality through their outfits. They taught us that no matter the occasion, there is always a way to wear what you love. Even if it's purple paisley.

2. Well-tamed hair shows that you're in control

Even after a long, hectic day, Don Draper's hair was always in place. He might not have taught the most humbling of lessons, but he did teach the world that a good hair day can make all the difference. Fatherly advice? Always keep a comb in your desk.

3. Never underestimate the power of accessories

Let's be honest: Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse were all TV dads who taught major style lessons. But the most vital lesson of all was, irrevocably, that fabulous accessories yield a ton of power. Be it great pair of sunglasses or some stand out shoes, these guys knew how to pull an outfit together.

4. Always have a sweater on hand

Uncle Phil was the unofficial sweater master. Be it long-sleeved or no sleeves at all, he also had the perfect knits to keep him looking trendy and feeling comfortable. His style staple was continuous no matter the season, showing us the true power of a great knit.

5. Embrace your signature style

He might have worn the same thing every day, but Bob sure did make it work. Everyone has their signature go-to pieces, and this TV dad showed us not to be afraid of that. Throw on an apron (or some more stylish accessories) and make the look your own!

6. Don't be afraid to rock prints

There might not be any TV dad who has embraced bold prints as much as Mike Brady. He showed off his eccentric patterns and brightly colored suits for every occasion. But even better than his lesson in prints was the confidence that he used to pull them off with.

7. There's nothing that confidence can't fix

Speaking of confidence, Tim Taylor had the self-assurance to make that tool belt his greatest accessory. He spoke words of wisdom and advice even when he was in a rough spot and showed that confidence is key, no matter the situation.

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