Jimmy Brooks Pins From Applesauce Industries Let You Wear Your 'Degrassi' Pride On Your Lapel

Attention all Degrassi fans, the time has come in which our favorite teen drama’s memorabilia collection has expanded into the realm of pins. Now you can purchase your very own Jimmy Brooks lapel pin, released Thursday by Applesauce Industries designer Sifry Borrayo. Finally, we are able to wear the legend that is Degrassi’s biggest musical success story on our tee shirts, jackets, and backpacks proudly. Awesome!

I’m willing to bet rap artist Drake never thought he would see the day when his breakout role would land him on a pin, especially one with such immaculate detailing. Talk about accuracy — this guy has rendered Jimmy Brooks flawlessly, down to the wheelchair.

Considering the television phenomenon has quite the following, there’s no doubt these pins will sell like hot cakes, especially with the show going off the air and becoming a Netflix exclusive.

For only $9.50 this Drake X Jimmy lapel pin makes for a fantastic gift for that special Degrassi fan in your life. One day your children will inevitably come across the “Best I Ever Had” singer, and with this pin you can sit your munchkin down to reminisce. Because before there was Drake, there was Jimmy Brooks.

Drake X Jimmy, $9.50, applesauceindustries.com

Perfection. I'll take about 15 of these.

Image: Applesauce Industries, Bell Broadcast, New Media Fund