9 Outdoorsy Cats For Your Summer Exploring Inspo

All of our most notable cats are known for being lazy. I'm not saying it's a bad thing (in fact, I enjoy sitting and lasagna just as much as the next lady), but think about it. Garfield? Grumpy Cat? They're known for their laziness, eating and being judgmental: A holy trinity for some (me). Well, we're adding an athletic cat to the Internet bundle because there's a rock climbing cat and dammit, she deserves the attention. She proves to the rest of the branded Internet cats that, well, she's more jacked than they are. While obsessing over lasagna builds character (again, that's me), rock climbing builds solid muscle.

Mille and her owner Craig Armstrong explore deserts, canyons and mountains in Utah. Together they hike, explore, climb rocks and get high. (VERTICALLY high. Let's not make any lifestyle-based assumptions here, guys.) Millie has always been a climber by nature—she even climbed up on Armstrong when he came into the animal adoption center. After that, he had to take her home.

In an article for, where Armstrong works, he wrote:

"She climbed up my back and sat on my shoulders. It took about four seconds to realize we were now partners and would be going on many journeys together."

Meet Millie:

According to Armstrong, Millie has all the qualities of an excellent climbing partner: "She never complains, no matter how bad it gets. She always wants to go higher, and she pushes herself hard. But she also knows when to stop. When she’s done, she’s done. She’ll find a cave or climb a tree and won’t move until she’s rested."

Their first adventure together was in Joe's Valley when Millie was still a tiny kitten. (She even helps Armstrong flirt by and wow-ing the ladies with her tricks and climbing on to their shoulders.)

You can follow Millie and Armstrong's adventures on Instagram.

And while you're on Insta, here are 8 other adorably outdoorsy cats you can browse. (I'm pretty sure looking at pictures of cats hiking counts as a workout.)

1. The cat who loves foliage as much as we do

Just off for a stroll to pick up a pumpkin latte.

2. Roku the Cat

Internet cat/grass enthusiast/possible weed dealer.

3. King Bubba

Climbing down his figurative Everest.

4. Sylvester

He gardens to help stay relaxed and stimulated during his retirement.

5. The cat who knows how to make a fire

See also: The cat who knows how to give me an anxiety attack.

6. Herb garden guard extraordinaire

Fresh mint for mojitos, anyone?


Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

8. Cat training for the Tour de France

(I mean, presumably.)

Images: Getty Images; Imgur