17 Aziz Ansari Reddit AMA Quotes That Definitively Prove Aziz Is The Coolest Human Ever

Aziz Ansari has been on a media blitz to promote his new book Modern Romance, which include a fun visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and dropping some hilarious videos. Aziz's new book is a comedy-sociology hybrid and exploration of modern dating, and full of facts you probably didn't know (most millennials do some pre-date Googling. You are not alone). Aziz is a good man for the job, having explored the complexities of relationships and technology in his standup, and portrayed Pick Up Artist with a heart of gold Tom Haverford for seven years on Parks and Recreation. The book tour, and the book itself, is proving itself to be a good pick-me-up in the midst of our Parks and Rec withdrawal.

The comedian is a man of the people, having used focus groups and Reddit discussions as part of the research for Modern Romance. Aziz returned to reddit this Friday for an "Ask Me Anything" with the Reddit community, and the results are hilarious. He talks about the Parks cast behind the scenes, his cousin Harris, his advice for young lovers, and the true love of his life: Pasta.

And because I care, here are the 17 best knowledge bombs:

1. He Has a Plan for X-Men and Recreation

Please, Zorp, make this happen!

2. He Knows Who He'll Save In A Fire

The fire is actually 5,000 Candles in the Wind.

3. He Knows How to Fix Modern Dating

Preach, Aziz.

4. He Reached Out to Cousin Harris

But was Harris' senior quote "TNT Knows Drama?"

5. His Dad Will Be On His Netflix Show

BRB, gonna look up that reference.

6. He Forgets His Own Bits

The answer is tuna shots!

7. He & Jean-Ralphio Improvised

Long John Silver's is officially my new favorite.

8. He's Generous

I bet it was an upgrade, too.

9. He Says Jerry is Jerry in Real Life, Too

Classic Jerry.

10. He's Humble

What a sweetie.

11. He Differs With Leslie Knope Here

Leslie is 100 percent waffles, 100 percent of the time.

12. His Favorite Dessert is Pasta

I sense a theme here.

13. He Has a Playlist

I would let you love me.

14. He Won't Go to a Stranger's Wedding

He has a point.

15. He Sexted Channing Tatum

Well, "Channing Tatum."

16. He Has a Vision for His Video Game

I'm sure Daryl from Bob's Burgers would love it.

17. He's Pretty Quiet

I'm sure Mrs. O'Tuel understands.

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