Georgia May Jagger Is Inspired By Fearless Women Like Her Mother, Vivienne Westwood, & Beyonce (Duh)

There are those who dream of living the glamorous life and then there are those who are simply born into it. In her recent interview with, Georgia May Jagger talks about fearless women who inspire her. The British model reveals that her biggest fashion influences growing up include her mother Jerry Hall as well as fashion icon Vivienne Westwood. Both women made their mark in the fashion industry — Hall as a supermodel and Westwood as the queen of punk couture — by taking an unconventional yet confident approach to style.

"I love my mother — she’s very daring when it comes to dressing," Jagger said. "I’m not that fearless. When I first started modeling, she’d always try to get me to wear things that I felt were way more fab than my teenage self! I respect that idea of taking risks." The 23-year-old also cited Westwood as a role model for sticking to her own personal aesthetic. "She just wears things that are completely her," Jagger added. She also admitted fangirling over another fearless and independent woman at the 2015 Met Gala. Walking arm-in-arm with her Met gown designer, Gucci's Alessandro Michele, the model said that they spent most of the night in basking in the presence of Queen B.

"We both spent the night in awe, going, 'This is so cool! Oh, my God, there’s Beyoncé!'" Jagger said. After having carved out a successful career as a model, the daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger is venturing into the creative and business side of the fashion industry. She most recently collaborated on a line of shoes with Minelli, designed custom leather jackets for Burberry, and a handbag that will be released this fall.

"I get to wear so much fashion that I have quite a lot of ideas about what I would like to wear and what the girls I know would like to wear," Jagger said. "It’s a small group, but their wants probably represent how a lot of women feel."

Image: georgiamayjagger/Instagram