Hilary Duff Recreated 'Laguna Beach' Scenes In Honor Of The MTV Show & She Needs To Tackle These Moments Too — VIDEOS

Let's go back, back to the beginning... back, specifically, to when Laguna Beach ruled MTV, and Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" was the theme song of everyone's high school years. If you're wondering the reasoning behind my sudden wish to return to the years of Juicy sweatpants and flip phones, just know that have a good reason for the nostalgia — and that reason is, Duff just recreated some famous moments from Laguna Beach. This is not a drill.

There's a gazillon reasons (including Duff's 2003 hit) why Laguna Beach is an iconic series. Not only was it an "authentic" look at everyone's favorite TV show at the time, The O.C., but it was an unbelievable portrayal of wealthy teens who were, in theory, our peers. With its red Solo cup-filled parties and heavily structured plot lines, Laguna Beach sucked viewers in and didn't let 'em out. (That is, until, we were given the spin-off series The Hills.)

Laguna Beach was the world's first introduction to everyone's BFF, Lauren Conrad. It was a perfect capsule of the mid-aughts and for that it will forever hold a special place in my heart. Even though the show went off the air nearly 10 years ago, Duff recreating iconic moments from it's canon (like when Kristin Cavallari famously declared "My car is dunzo!") totally brings us back to the day.

Here are the impressions, in all their glory:

I'm kind of obsessed with these impressions, so here's seven more moments Duff needs to recreate for us ASAP.

Lo Bosworth And Conrad Imitating Cavallari's Pronunciation of "Stephen"

Be careful watching this on a loop. It's addicting.

"I Miss Jason. No, I Don't Really."

Jessica Smith, serving up the shade.

Colletti Picking Up Conrad From The Airport

This defined so many of my relationship goals.

Colletti Asking Cavallari To Prom

The love triangle between Colletti, Cavallari, and Conrad was one for the ages.

Any Moment From This Dinner Party

In which we all learned so much about... garlic?

The Voiceover From This Season 2 Trailer

Ah, high school drama.

The Laguna Beach Opening Credits

Let's be honest: This is really where the obsession began.

Who else is dying for a rewatch about now?