27 Badass Plus Size Women Showing Off Their Arms

by Jodie Layne

The summer solstice has officially gleaned past us, but the warmer temps and sticky heat have been creeping in for the last few weeks, giving us no-sleeves weather and humidity that honestly calls for all-time nudity. So what could put you in a better mood for shedding those layers of spring coats and cardigans than photos of body positive plus size women with bare arms?

When I put a call out for people to send in their photos, so many said, "Wow, I had no idea how few photos I have with my arms showing," or even just straight up, "Ugh, I hate my arms." For some reason, one of the body parts that's most commonly bared in summer and that's considered "most acceptable" is also one of the things that causes plus size women terrible anxiety and makes so many other people uncomfortable. Because as plus-size women, we're taught it's best to keep those upper arm rolls hidden. Even in heat stroke weather.

Well, I say: Screw that. If you want to wear a cute sun dress this summer without throwing on a cardigan, do it! If you want to wear that strapless bikini without bringing along a cover up, do it! If you want to just leave the house without worrying about having something to throw over your shoulders, go for it! Here are 27 babes who freed their arms and will inspire you to do the same:

1. Janelle

With arms and a tattoo like that, who wouldn't wanna show 'em off?!

2. Sarah

One of the best ways to rock a little black dress? With your arms out.

3. Stella

Anyone else getting a "Kim K on vacation" vibe from this beautiful bb's outfit?

4. Chanté

This is the definition of hotness incarnate.

5. Rochelle

Step 1: Put on a perfect summer outfit.Step 2: Recognize your flawlessness.

5. Claire

Look at this ray of sunshine and gorgeousness.

6. Essie

#GoldenConfidence, indeed.

7. Madeline

Is Maddie an actual literal garden goddess?

8. Meryam

Everything about this outfit is just a huge "yes," but especially those glorious arms and shoulders.

9. Gaia

Oh, just hanging around and exuding so much sass. You?

10. Ashley Nicole

Pretty sure that this photo was taken in heaven?

11. Vanessa

Must be nice to be a bespectacled, purple-haired, bare armed goddess.

12. Mayra

Hair blowing in the breeze, arms out, perfection.

13. Marie

Put your bare arms in the air and wave 'em around like you just don't care.

14. Brietta

Brietta called her selfies "awkward" but I just see babe, babe, and more babe.

15. Cathy

*Kiss Face Emoji*

16. Rachel

Just when you thought babes couldn't get any cuter.

17. Darlene

If you were looking for a lesson on how to wear all white everything for summer while flaunting your arms, look no further.

18. Aimee

Outfit on point, super cute kid, gorgeous arms: Check, check, check.

19. Jenn

"Because I'm so soft, and quiet, and subtle in all that I do..." Jenn said with just a hint of sass.

20. Stephanie

This babe is pretty as a petal and look at the sun kissing those arms. Swoon.

21. Karen

Beautiful woman, gorgeous dress, and a positive message? What's not to love?

22. Elizabeth

Just havin' a stroll, letting the arms breathe.

23. Christine

Black and white and babely all over.

24. Peggy

If only "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette was about good things, it would go like this: "It's like baaaaaare arms, on your wedding day."

25. Rue

We can do it.

26. Gabi

Patterns on patterns and bare arms with a side of midriff. I like your style, Gabi.

27. Kara

Kara has no time for your body shaming and all the time in the world for this gorgeous dress.

Images: Supplied; everythingcurvyandchic, essiegolden , ashnb1, suitsheelscurves, bigsiscloset, christinedavitt/Instagram; mariesouthard, gabifresh/Twitter