Kylie Jenner Shares Style Secret With Instagram

She might have been a little shy about sharing news regarding certain lip plumping techniques, but Kylie Jenner shared a style secret with Instagram that's a little less than glamorous yet totally cool and relatable. Apparently all it takes to get the perfectly placed boobs in a low-cut gown is a little duct tape. That's right, Jenner's winning sheer look had the help of what you probably have hiding in your junk drawer. Thanks, Ky.

The reality star stepped out for the opening of Miami candy store Sugar Factory in a low-cut, sheer black gown that was perfect for an early summer red carpet event. She channeled her inner sweetness through the lollipop accessory that she carried with her, which kept her look strictly fierce. There's no doubt that there was a tad bit of style inspiration from her big sister here, but I'd argue that no one could have worked this look quite as effortlessly as the stylish teen.

Jenner stuck to her signature nude lipstick, because taped up cleavage doesn't have to be the only thing in the limelight. Between the high slit, sheer arms and legs, and plunging neckline, Jenner showed that she fits right in with the rest of her fashionable family. Now the only question is: Where can I find her bedazzled lollipop?

Images: Getty Images; kyliejenner/Instagram