Miley's Daisy Covered Hat Is The Best Thing Ever

Miley is bringing back the ‘90s so hard with her latest ensemble. Miley Cyrus wore a daisy covered baseball hat out in NYC, and it really was the greatest fashion statement since the beloved ‘90s. What a decade, you know! Thanks, Miley, for reminding us all how great it truly was!

You’ve got to love her for her wacky fashion choices and free spirit, and this hat captured that “I’m gonna do me (insert tongue sticking out here)” side of her so perfectly. She even topped the look off with a bright yetllow scrunchie, wearing it as a bracelet around her wrist. Genius! So, basically what I’m saying is that her accessories were on point.

And what makes this happy hippie’s look even better is that you can own it, too! The hat is sold at Omighty for $60.50. It’s a little steep for a hat, but I mean, come on, it’s totally worth it. Miley’s not afraid to make a statement, and as far as statements go, this one is just what I need in my life. If you’re like me, you’ll definitely want to forget fashion norms and purchase this hat once you see how truly amazing it really is!

Take a look at it for yourself:

You just can't help but be happy when you see this!

Images: Getty Images; stylishcyrus/Twitter