5 Ways To Style A Summer Denim Vest

by Kali Borovic

All good trends come full circle and the denim vest is no exception. Last season, denim took off — so it only makes sense to adapt the trend into yet another stylish summer. The classic look is a go-to for any seasonal festivity and can be personalized to fit any fashionista. Once you work up enough courage to try the trend, you won't ever take your denim vest off.

Slip it on over a summer dress or cover up at the beach to give any outfit a summery vibe. With so many ways to wear the look, it's as simple as slipping on a pair of jeans. Simply pick between light and dark denim and you're on your way to sartorial greatness. It really doesn't get any easier than that.

What's great about the laid-back summer style is how easy it is to dress it up or down. Add a statement necklace on top for a preppy look or dress it down with a monochromatic tank and leggings. Whether you're having your busiest day or just spending some time running errands, there really is no place that the denim vest can't go. No matter what your personal style, the denim vest is there for all your summer style needs.

1. Pretty In Punk

Take a simple crop top to new heights by adding denim to give another layer to the summer style. Add a great watch and sunglasses to take this look to a preppy level or stick to the basics for an everyday 'do.

2. Plain And Simple

Not a fan of a lot of accessories? No problem. Throw on the vest with a few of your favorite, minimalist accessories to make a simple look into a standout. Sit back and let the jean vest do all the work.

3. Casually Colored

Tone down a summer print with the casual vest to make for a breezy summer outfit. Because denim goes with everything, you can easily pair it with any print under the hot summer sun.

4. All Wrapped Up

Summer scarves are the perfect way to dress up any outfit. They can add just enough glam to the most basic of ensembles, but paired with a denim vest and a summer dress can be taken to new levels.

5. Feeling Blue

Denim knowns no boundaries. It's so versatile that it can even be paired with other denim, making for the easiest possible way to dress up or dress down. Play around with different hues of blue to find the winning combination.

It doesn't get easier than this!

Images: Fotolia; Polyvore (5)