Tavi Gevinson's Pants Match Her Shower Curtain

Tavi Gevinson definitely has a style that's all her own, which is probably the reason she became a wonderfully successful fashion blogger by the time she was 14. Fast forward a few years, and she is still taking the fashion world by storm with her fun sartorial choices — just the other day, for instance Tavi Gevinson wore lip printed pants that look very much like her shower curtain.

Gevinson's pants are a design by Beth Hoeckel, who creates prints for Society6; and it turns out that Hoeckel also designed Gevinson's shower curtain. Hence the seamless coordination of the two. The printed pants are definitely quirky, but Gevinson can pull them off better than anyone, pairing them with a white sweater crop top for chic minimalism.

The high-waisted pink pants feature various lip graphics and varying red splotches. They're very modern and unique, and they totally work because of it. The more I look at 'em, the more I like 'em. However, I'm wondering if they are a one-of-a-kind creation for Gevinson, because it doesn't look like they're available for the masses on Hoeckel's Society6 page (which makes me a little sad).

But on the plus side, quirky shower curtains — and even t-shirts — are for sale, so you can partially recreate Gevinson's fun Instagram pic.

Image: Getty; Tavi Gevinson/Instagram