What Does Meghan King Edmonds Do For Work? The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Is Much More Than That

The newest member of the Real Housewives of Orange County , Meghan King Edmonds, made a surprising debut as one of the best new cast members in years, with her sense of humor and her willingness to totally destroy a piñata if necessary. And, while on the show she stands out from the other women because she's only 30 and very recently married, what Meghan King Edmonds does for work goes beyond her stay-at-home-mom duties, (although even just wrangling her entire family is pretty impressive). Even though the other Real Housewives might be underestimating Meghan as less experienced or less ambitious than they are, she's on her way to becoming a Bravolebrity, and an entrepreneur.

While it pains me to find out from the trailers that Meghan and Vicki will fight over Brooks, it seems logical to me that they would clash, since she's been friends with Heather Dubrow for years. Vicki has always prided herself on her insurance business and that she made her own money before, during, and after her marriage with Don. And, after her divorce, she managed to flip her house and could sell it for a boatload of money if she wanted to, with basically none of her financial security ever tied up in a man. That's one way to do things.

Meghan does seem a little more like her close friend, Heather. Heather had a successful career as an actress, but she sacrificed that for several years in order to support her husband, moving to the OC instead of staying in New York or Los Angeles as he built his business. But, now, after he's reached great success, Heather is also indulging in her passions again, and that seems more similar to Meghan's current career aspiration, which is balancing her new family and her businesslike side.

She's Working On Sweat Cosmetics

Meghan is one of the women behind Sweat Cosmetics, a line of makeup created to stand up to workouts and sports.

She's A Stepmom To Four

Meghan's husband, Jim, has four other kids from his previous marriages, and Meghan has jumped right into the role of their stepmom, as seen in this very important trampoline playdate.

And She Manages To Commute Her Family Between Two Cities

That seems insane — not only does Meghan shuttle herself and Jim back and forth between their home in Orange County and their second home in St. Louis, where Jim plays for the Cardinals, but she also manages to help transition her stepkids and juggle two full social lives between the two cities.

She Could Jump Into Modeling Anytime

Meghan used to be a model, according to Heavy.com, and it's not hard to believe if you look at her. I mean, she seems ready for the runway in every single Instagram photo she posts. She's super tall and has a beautiful smile, so she could walk right into a professional photo shoot and fit right in. And, it looks like just a few months ago, she walked the runway in Hawaii — so Meghan's still got it.

She Reps Her Brother

Meghan's brother is model RJ King, and, like a proud sister, Meghan was just promoting his short documentary on Twitter. Even though the doc is called "UnGlamorous," both Kings seem pretty glam to me.

And She Writes One Hell Of A Bravo Blog

Look, being a Real Housewives of Orange County star might not be all Meghan King Edmonds does, but it is a job, and she seems to be taking it seriously so far. Her blog for the premiere was great, and went up promptly, and actually dove into what happened in the episode. So, even though Meghan is busy with plenty of other work, she takes her job with RHOC very seriously, while balancing everything else in her life.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo