Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Might Feature Sam's Maester Training & It'll Change The Show For The Better

What is the one thing Game of Thrones has been missing all this time? Its very own Hogwarts. The closest thing the story has to a haven of knowledge is The Citadel in Old Town, and at the end of Season 5, Sam was on his way there to begin his Maester training. As much as I love the dragons, white walkers, elaborate battle sequences, and political intrigue, I have been longing for a peek inside the mysterious Citadel since the show began. With Game of Thrones heading toward an endgame, I have a hunch Sam's time at The Citadel will change the very face of the show by making Sam, perhaps the smartest character of them all, gain insight into the magical workings of the world. He always did want to be a wizard, and now, he's going to get his chance.

Maesters focus largely on science, typically eschewing the idea of magic, but the rebirth of dragons and the coming of the white walkers (not to mention the resurrections of The Mountain and Beric Dondarrion) all but ensures Sam will go after his Valyrian steel chain. To earn the chain, Sam must delve deep into the magical mysteries of the realm (something most Maesters fail to do), and then forge it himself. Sam already noted how important Valyrian steel is in the coming battle, and the fact that it represents the arcane knowledge most important to the war is a huge deal.

So far, Game of Thrones has introduced magic only in small doses. A zombie here, the ability to resurrect there, but there are no firm rules as to how it works. It has been more important to establish the rules of war and the character relationships, but now it is time to get serious about the power of knowledge. I love that Sam is going to be our guide in Old Town. His journey toward Maesterhood could change Game of Thrones in some really spectacular ways.

Not only will the audience learn along with Sam, but there is also a definite possibility that brains, not brawn, will end up saving the day. With all of these prophecies and supernatural threats going around, the show needs to reign in its fantasy elements and give them a poster child. Sam can be that poster child. His time at The Citadel could even tie him into Jon's plot. Everyone has been speculating about Jon's fate, and how Melisandre could be the one to resurrect him, but what if Sam will get the honor of bringing back his friend, and not until the end of Season 6?

The show has put a lot of work into establishing Sam and Jon not just as friends, but as brothers. If Sam knows Jon is dead (and maybe even a white walker because if those bodies aren't burned fast they turn), wouldn't he spend day and night teaching himself enough about magic to bring him back? Sam is loyal to his core, and he will be in the perfect place to gather knowledge that could help not just Jon, but everyone.

My personal Jon Snow theory aside, anytime Game of Thrones expands its world, the story becomes richer. The Citadel is a place that is shrouded in mystery. It turns out bright, important men — the keepers of Westeros' history, wisdom, and health. Just as Arya's journey to Braavos pushed the show to revel in its stranger side, so will Sam's stay in Old Town. For once the focus won't be on the killing, though, but on sharpening one's wit.

How cool is that? Sam is going to partake in a part of the story that actually delves deep into the questions the viewers want answers to: how does magic work? What's the deal with the Alchemists' Guild? How is history and prophecy going to affect the future of the show? These knowledge bombs have to be dropped, and even if they're not, Sam will still basically be at a grimy, depressing Westeros version of Hogwarts, which will be amazing. Look, even Tyrion knows "a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone." Game of Thrones is boldly going where its never been before, right into the training of the mind, and the show is going to be so much better for it.

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