Who's The Most Successful 'SYTYCD' Alum So Far?

by Keertana Sastry

When it comes to judging who has had the best career out the hundreds of So You Think You Can Dance performers, it's difficult to properly compute. What constitutes a success? Should the dancers be judged by their dance career after their run on the series? Or is it about mainstream appeal? In the end, one name seems to truly and properly encompass all the different ways this contest could actually be determined: Season 4's amazing Hip Hop dancer Stephen "tWitch" Boss. There are several dancers who could give tWitch a run for his money in terms of types of success. Season 2's Travis Wall for example is more successful than tWitch when it comes to choreography, and even Season 2's Allison Holker — who also happens to be tWitch's wife in real life! — has had a stellar dance career as a So You Think You Can Dance all-star alone. But, all in all, the most obvious name will always be tWitch, and it's not just because he's in Magic Mike XXL . Though that does help a whole lot.

From dancing on film, stage, TV and everywhere in between, tWitch is a force to be reckoned with not only because of his dancing talent, but also his charisma and personality. There's a reason that out of all of his fellow Hip Hop alumni, he was chosen to lead Season 12's Street Team vs. Travis Wall's Stage Team. So why is he the most successful? Just check out all the things he's doing lately.

1. Dancing Career

Ever since tWitch placed second in Season 4 of SYTYCD, he has never stopped dancing. Obviously his film career is the most obvious point of success but he's also popular thanks to the workshops and classes he teaches in his new home state of California. Check out his dancing alongside his wife Allison Holker in a Microsoft Surface commercial. Bonus point: Outside of dancing, he's also appeared as a guest DJ for The Ellen DeGenerous Show multiple times.

2. Film Career

Pretty quickly after graduating from the SYTYCD stage, tWitch landed a role in Step Up 3D, and then reprised it in Step Up Revolution and Step Up All In. He also appeared in Hairspray and the sequel to Stomp The Yard. And now his real mainstream success will begin with Magic Mike XXL.

3. His Relationship Started From The Show

This might be the coolest thing he's done since leaving So You Think You Can Dance: tWitch met his wife and all-around perfect dancer Allison Holker through the SYTYCD alum channels, and they had the most epically adorable proposal of all time. Basically they're perfect.

4. Back On SYTYCD As A Dancer & Choreographer

He's not only come back as an all-star year after year on SYTYCD, he also choreographed for the first time in Season 10, where he danced with eventual finalist Jasmine Harper. There's a reason they keep bringing tWitch back season after season: He's incredible, and he's beloved.

5. Magic Mike... Duh

Need I really say more?