Let Rihanna & Dior Inspire Your Style This Summer

Dior recently released their new fashion film Secret Garden IV and IMO, it is an enigmatic work of art. This episode stays true to the Secret Garden series including being shot in the gardens and palace of Versailles, containing jaw–dropping Dior Secret Garden fashion, and utilizing compelling camera angles and cool editing techniques. However this instalment is very different to its predecessors — mostly because Rihanna's sense of style is the main character. The first three Secret Garden films are shot predominantly in the daytime, they feature music by Depeche Mode, and include more than one character. Whereas Secret Garden IV is shot in the night, features only Rihanna, and includes a sneak peek of the intro to her new album "Only If For A Night." Still, all episodes are linked with their showcasing of Dior's incredible garments and an underlying sense of unease which keeps you firmly on the edge of your seat and unable to relax into the backrest.

One would not imagine The Palace of Versailles to be a frightening place, but Dior's newest instalment of their Secret Garden fashion film series, proves that even the most beautiful of places can be eerie. Rihanna is seen exploring her stunning surroundings, featuring shots which lull you into a false sense of security — where she is pictured calmly gazing out over the gardens or dancing — but these are interspersed with images of her running, as if from an unknown terror that only she can see.

The sounds in the film are stereotypically creepy too featuring: bird calls, haunting piano music, heavy breathing, and what appears to be a slowed down song or music played backwards. Secret Garden IV cleverly depicts that feeling of unadulterated terror when you think you see something out of the corner of your eye, so you whip around, to find out there is nothing there. It's got the juxtaposed suspense and grandiose elements of The Shining entangled with ultra luxe fashion vibes. It's a high end, haunted mansion masterpiece.

So, if you want to add a little spookiness to your summer wardrobe, here's how to channel a glamorously haunting Rihanna in Dior's Secret Garden IV.

The High Shine Patent Shoe

Claudette Black Patent Heel, $80,

Channel chic lady like vibes in these classic, stiletto heels. This style of shoe is a must have for anyone wanting to give a formal or professional edge to any outfit. You can literally wear these shoes with any garment or for any occasion as the classic shape is incredibly versatile.

The Rectangular Metallic Clutch

Bee Clutch Bag, approx. $71,

Be the queen bee with this bee inspired, metallic clutch. Be inspired by Rihanna's royal vibes as she stalks the halls of Versailles with her clutch bag clasped close to her, as if she might use it to defend herself from an intruder.

The Silver Sequin Dress

Dressystar Long Sequins Split Side Prom Dress, $150,

Rihanna's sequin gown perfectly mirrors her luxurious surroundings. The long sleeves and length of the dress ensure the dress holds onto an underlying feeling of demureness, yet the skin tight fit makes it super sultry.

Exude silver screen starlet vibes in this stunning, silver sequinned dress from Amazon. Let everyone know you're fashion royalty in this sparkling, side–split gown.

The Bejewelled Veil

Black Bandeau Veil Blusher 9 Inch French Net Adorned With Clear Rhinestones, $39,

This sparkling veil can be worn as an alternative choice of headwear to accompany any special occasion attire this summer. The barely there design of the net veil will add a touch of subtle elegance to your outfit and the delicate placing of the rhinestones will allow you to shine. A perfect piece to wear to a wedding or a decadent evening soirée.

The Catwoman Coat

Vintage '90's Rain Black Oversized Vinyl PVC Trench Coat, $73,

Prowl around your own personal palace in a Catwoman-style coat. The high shine, PVC material adds a sprinkling of fetishistic glamour to this black trench coat, which widens the coat's wearability to encompass the entire day and night. Wear in the day to look exude glamorous, gothic vibes or in the night to add a high end, hard edge to a feminine evening gown.

The Lady In Red

Midnight Tide Dress in Red, $60,

Practice your damsel in distress escape run in this stunning scarlet gown. The plunging neckline and high–low hemline channels Rihanna's red gown perfectly and flirts with classic, Hollywood glamor vibes. This is a real show stopping piece.

Black Satin Gloves, $8,

Add some extravagant drama to your outfit like Rihanna in a pair of black, over the elbow satin gloves. Tada! You're officially as cool as RiRi.

Images: YouTube/FashionCommercials; Giphy; Courtesy Brands