13 Babies Who Are Excited About Marriage Equality

Babies are the future, and guys, the future is now—SCOTUS has officially given word: Same-sex marriage bans have been ruled unconstitutional . If you're reading this sentence and you still haven't finished setting of all your emergency confetti cannons and yelling from the rooftops, then I'll go ahead and give you a second to get it all out of your system. When you get back, though, I have a whole slew of babies who are excited about same-sex marriage, possibly even more than you are. If you thought you had run out of happy emotions that a person could possibly feel today, then brace yourselves: Babies are coming.

I think what is most exciting about these babies is that they will never remember a world where same-sex marriage wasn't legal in America. Of course, this country has a long way to go in terms of acceptance and inclusion and validation of all humans' lives, but I am still going to take a moment to be happy for the next generation of people who will grow up in this country. Hopefully they will grow up in a culture that fully accepts and understands all kinds of love, and by the time they're having babies of their own, all of the intolerance will just be a dumb thing that happened in the past. Also, this day will be the biggest, rainbowiest throw down of a National Holiday ever. Starting with these babies, on this very day of all days, reenacting the emotional stages of waiting for this verdict:

"Oh my GOD, SCOTUS, you're taking for-freaking-everrrrr."

Is it now? ...How about now? Ugh. I need a bottle.

"They're gonna legalize it, right? RIGHT?!"

Unrelated, something is definitely happening in my diaper right now.

"I'm about to lose my little mind if something isn't announced soon."

There are not enough Sesame Street episodes in existence to wait this out.


Curse these uncoordinated thumbs for not being able to Google things on mom's iPad yet.



"This is the BEST DAY of my bb life."

Admittedly, there haven't been many of them yet. But STILL.

"Take THAT, haters."

True love conquers all.

"It's rage o'clock, everyone."

Party at my ~crib~.



"Is there ever going to be a day in my life as exciting as this one?!"

Probs not. This is the definition of "peaked," in the best possible way.

"Bless this shiny star-spangled rainbow day."

More weddings = more cake = everything. (Also, the triumph of love and happiness and equality. But also cake.)


Repeat x 1,000. Get on our level.

"This is magic and perfect and good and great."

At last.

Images: makelessnoise/Flickr; Giphy(13)