Will Red & Healy Date On 'Orange Is The New Black'? This Litchfield Pair Is Worth Rooting For

I'm going to be honest with you, I have never been a big fan of Sam Healy. He's pretty much proven to be a terrible counselor at Litchfield, not necessarily because he means to be, but rather because his whole outlook on life seems a little flawed. And I'll never fully forgive him for how he let things go down between Piper and Pennsatucky during Season 1. That being said, I did find him to be measurably less annoying throughout Orange Is the New Black Season 3 and it's all thanks to a certain red haired inmate. In a twist that I'm sure no one saw coming, this series brought Red and Healy's OITNB relationship to the forefront of our minds, proving that Daya and Bennett weren't the only inmate-guard duo potentially worth rooting for… or are they?

As Daya and Bennett have shown this season, relationships like this don't tend to get their happily ever after. So does that mean Red and Healy's romantic story arc is doomed to the same fate? Red indicated in the finale that, even if they were each other's soulmate, their circumstances wouldn't allow for it to ever work out. They simply met each other too late in life. But is she just being cynical or should Red and Healy really not date? As surprised as I am to find myself saying this, I think these two owe it to themselves to try and make it work. And here's why…

Red Makes Healy A Better Person

Healy's behavior may have improved slightly in Season 3, but he can still be a pretty big jerk from time to time, like when he was trying to medicate Soso's problems away or refused to treat Berdie as his equal. But anytime he was with Red, all of that changed. It's like her mere presence makes him want to be a better man. He listens to her, values what she says, and even stretched his neck out for her, so she could get her kitchen back. That's the type of Healy I want to get to know. And maybe, if he's around her long enough, we could all start liking his character full time rather than on such a sporadic basis.

They Have A Lot In Common

Not only are they both dealing with the fallout of failed marriages, but they also possess a deep, underlying desire to feel valued by those around them. For Red, it's through her cooking, and for Healy, it's through his counseling. Granted, only one of them is really any good at what they do (I'll let you guess which one), but it's that common inner-passion that makes these two so suitable for each other.

Their Chemistry Is Palpable

Despite how you feel about Healy, you can't deny that there's a prominent spark between these two characters. One that deserves to be explored for both of their sakes.

Red Deserves Some Lovin'

She may deserve better than Healy (or at least the version of him as we know it right now), but given all that Red's been through, she deserves a little romance in her life, regardless of how long it may last. You do you, Red. You do you.

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