'GQ' Releases List Of 20 Most Stylish Men Alive — Here Are Their Most Fashionable Outfits, Ranked

If you're asking me, fashionable men really don't get enough media attention when compared with fashionable women. Luckily, GQ just released their list of the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive for 2015, and I'm not surprised by the nominees who made the cut. Pharrell's iconic hat automatically makes him a tough contender, and Harry Style's lack of shirt buttons is equally as convincing. Kayne is a full blown fashion figure himself. But what about these men's most stylish outfits? Out of a year of Adidas collabs, shirtless ads of David Beckham, and Jared Leto's luscious locks, there has to be one signature outfit that nailed them a spot on this list.

It's a tough job to stare at beautiful men all day and determine whose outfits are in fact, the sexiest (er, most stylish) but hey, somebody's got to do it. To spare you the trouble, I went to the liberty of rounding up the ensembles that I believe earned these men such a coveted title. Here's to fine tailored suits, swaggy sneakers, and John Lennon-inspired sunglasses — all the most important things, really. Now, excuse me while I go pick up a couple copies of GQ and drown in the beauty that is men's fashion.

1. Harry Styles


Harry is known for his open shirts and pendants (very Mick Jagger — a comparison that is often made), but this pinstripe suit has to be his most classic look. No doubt he rocked this at the British Fashion Awards last year. He's just that stylish — see what I did there, guys?

2. Mark Ronson

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Ronson is a rising star in the fashion world these days and it's no doubt his patterned jackets contribute to it.

3. Pharrell


So I almost chose an outfit with Pharrell's classic hat, but that would be expected. And you know what's not expected? This sparkly suit. *Slow claps*

4. A$AP Rocky


How does he manage to make a leather jacket look so clean cut?

5. Kanye West

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I have to say, Kanye has a plethora of interesting looks to choose from. He's worn everything from a complete velour tracksuit to camouflage pants, but this particular outfit is somehow striking to me. The pairing of the oversized trench plus the leather boots is surprisingly....endearing? There's a word I never thought I would apply to Kanye.

6. Jaden Smith


When you're 16 and your outfit swag is already unreal, that's when you know.

7. Jared Leto

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The gold jacket with the pink pocket square contrasts nicely with his golden locks, if I do say so myself.

8. Russell Westbrook (left)

Paul Warner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Straight out of a J.Crew ad.

9. LeBron James

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I was a bit confused when I originally saw LeBron James on this list, but now I'm sold. It seems that his second biggest talent (next to basketball) is layering.

10. Eddie Redmayne

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I already love Eddie Redmayne for his charming personality, so naturally I'm inclined to find this plaid on plaid outfit very fitting.

11. Jeff Goldblum

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Move over Clooney, this actor is the new gray haired style icon. An overcoat on the red carpet? Rihanna would approve. I approve. The world approves.

12. John Mayer


May this outfit go down in history as the most velvety, luxurious one yet.

13. Bradley Cooper

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Blue from head to toe has never looked so good.

14. Jay Z


Jay Z tends to get outshined by Bey, but he really does have a killer sense of style. Although not a red carpet look, I thought the Timberlands + medallion combo deserved its own shoutout.

15. Ryan Gosling

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe I have a suit bias, but you can't deny how dapper Ryan Gosling looks in a blue suit (ahem, those eyes). Of course, Gosling could wear a trashbag and still look amazing, so it's really incredible that I even managed to settle on this.

16. David Beckham

WPA Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's nothing particularly unique about this outfit, yet I can't help thinking this is probably the best that David Beckham has ever looked (minus his underwear ads, of course).

17. Brad Pitt


That. Scarf.

18. Cristiano Ronaldo

Handout/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you've ever wondered, "Does Cristiano Ronaldo look just as magnificient with his shirt on as he does with it off?" The answer is yes, yes he does.

19. Daniel Craig


This look is so James Bond I can't even handle it.

20. Mario Balotelli


Soccer players aren't photographed a lot off the field, but when they are they sure clean up nice. It's the tie that really makes this one.

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