The Perfect Makeup Tutorial If You Wear Glasses

by Melodi Erdogan

Attention everyone who wears glasses: Do you ever struggle with how to do your makeup behind your thick lenses? Fear not, because YouTuber and beauty guru Alexandra Thomas of Learning to be Fearless has a step-by-step process to the best makeup for glasses wearers. With oversized frames continuing to be the hip look in eyewear, it can be frustrating to try and find a makeup look that doesn't get lost behind all that lens.

It's safe to say that applying makeup when you wear glasses is a real struggle. Those frames may seem harmless, but they overpower our faces and are kind of hard to ignore. Everyone who has ever been called "four eyes" knows what I'm saying. While contact lenses are a great alternative, sometimes you're just not in the mood to poke yourself in the eye before dashing off to work.

So, with special tips and tricks, Thomas shows us that glasses don't necessarily have to stand between you and some fun makeup. Minor spoiler: The key is to focus on brightening your skin and going bold with features that fall outside of your frames. With techniques on how to avoid your makeup transferring to your glasses, and keep your eyebrows on fleek even when hidden under frame rims, Thomas covers all the bases to create a beautiful, glowing makeup look.

So, grab your makeup bag and your glasses (never thought you'd hear those two together, did you?), and follow these instructions to a gorgeous makeup look that will make you feel beautiful and confident, even in your frames.

Images: YouTube; Giphy