The New Janet Jackson Single Features These 7 Classic Janet Song Staples

ICYMI, Janet Jackson released the first single for her upcoming album on Monday, June 22, and Jackson fans across the globe (myself included) likely responded to the news with a resounding, "YAAASSSS!!!" It has been seven long years since we have been bestowed with a new album from Jackson, and if this new single is any indication of what's to come, then it has been well worth the wait. The newly released track is titled "No Sleeep," and the ballad successfully embodies the sensually amore-laced sounds that became a staple of hits like "That's The Way Love Goes" and "Someday Is Tonight." In "No Sleeep," Jackson croons about an elsewhere love who better be prepared to stay up all night the next time he rolls into town, because — according to the lyrics — Jackson is the "queen of insomnia." Get ready, hypothetical "No Sleeep" guy — it's gonna be on like gangbusters!

As one who considers herself a permanent resident of Jackson's "Rhythm Nation," I couldn't be more thrilled about the new single. I plan to replay it about 1,000 times before taking a walk down a road marked "nostalgia" and binge-listening to all my favorite Jackson tracks. Obviously, artists' sound tend to evolve over time, and Jackson has proved herself to be eclectic when it comes to her musical prowess. Still, there are several signature Jackson elements in "No Sleeep" that echo her past hits, and I am totally fine with that.

Janet Jackson on YouTube

Let's take a look at some of these said elements and how they tie back to our favorite Janet Jackson songs.

It's Smooth Sensuality Reminds Us Of Hits Like...

The velvety beats paired with Jackson's inimitable vocals echoe the sensuality that we heard in the "Rhythm Nation" singer's 1993 hit, "That's The Way Love Goes."

The Song Could Also Pass For A Slow Version Of "I Miss You Much"

JanetJacksonVEVO on YouTube

Although Jackson's new ballad may not exactly catalyze a pop-and-lock dance-off like 1990's "I Miss You Much," upon inspecting the lyrics to the aforementioned and "No Sleeep," we find that there are similar elements of pining for an elsewhere suitor.

We Hear Jackson's Staple Sass & Assertiveness

Although it doesn't appear that Jackson feels the guy she references in "No Sleeep" is a "nasty boy," the same sass and assertiveness can be heard in the lyrics, as was the case with Jackson's 1986 hit, "Nasty." Look, anonymous man who is the subject of "No Sleeep," Ms. Jackson isn't asking you whether or not you two are going to get any sleep the next time you stroll into town. "It's fait accompli," so swig that latte right quick and be prepared to stay up all night. It's Janet, bro — Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.

The Song Features An Eclectic Mix Of Beats & Tempos, Like...

"No Sleep" is a definitive slow jam, but that doesn't mean it can't feature an eclectic mix of tempos, instrumental accompaniments, and whatever else is going on in there that makes the tune so magnetic. Jackson's vocals are amazing all on their own, but she's known to feature some fierce instrumentals in order to make a tracks' addictive nature skyrocket. Such was the case with 2001's "All For You."

The Song Encourages Us To Live In The Moment

JanetJacksonVEVO on YouTube

Does Jackson have to work the day after this all-nighter described in "No Sleeep?" Maybe, but who cares? Just as she sung that we should "save our troubles for another day" in "Escapade," Jackson proves once again with this new track that she is all about living in the moment.

The Song Exudes Confidence

If there's one thing Jackson exudes in all her music, it's her fierce confidence. She'll stay up all night whenever and with whoever she wants, thank you very much, because — as she's noted in the past — it "doesn't really matter what the others say."

The Song Is Amazing

JanetJacksonVEVO on YouTube

I previously mentioned that I consider myself a permanent resident of the "Rhythm Nation," hence the above video. The truth is, Jackson is a master at dispensing some of the best fixtures on our iTunes playlists. Her career has spanned over decades, her sound has evolved, but one thing has threaded the elements of every song together: they're all incredible, and we can't stop listening to them. Are you guys as excited for her new album as I am?

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