Why Do Feet Swell In The Summer?

Found the perfect pair of strappy summer sandals, only to discover your feet are too swollen to even wear them? You're totally not alone if you've been googling, "why do feet swell in summer?" The good people over at SheFinds got the full scoop from pediatrists on why warm weather causes puffy feet. Lucky for us, they also included ways we can all combat the swelling and wear our favorite sandals all season long.

Dr. Gary Evans, board certified podiatrist and inventor of daniPro nail polish, provided details on why hot weather impacts our feet so much. He explained, "Swelling, also referred to as edema, is the result of fluid build up in the body [and] gravity helps this fluid find a place in your feet and ankles.” Sadly, high temperatures can cause fluid retention and suddenly make perfectly fitting shoes impossibly too small.

Fortunately, Dr. Jackie Sutera provided a few strategies to combat stubborn, swollen feet. She said, "The ‘summer spread’ results when your feet don’t have enough support ... Opt for flat shoes to prevent swelling from occurring, and also look for styles that offer arch and ankle support, which will prevent and relieve conditions such as arch and heel pain. For added support, slide PROFOOT’s Orthotic insole into your shoes for extra cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support, which will provide relief to the balls-of-feet, arches, and heels. This extra support will keep your feet bound in place, to prevent them from expanding in the summer heat.”

If you've already dropped serious cash on unsupportive sandals, Sutera says your best affordable bet is to "try PROFOOT shoe stretchers so you can continue wearing those shoes you love without having to spend extra cash on the cobbler.” You hear that, favorite black Madewell sandals I can barely wear in the heat? There's hope for us.

My favorite tip of the whole article though? Pedicure expert Starr Arias of Ogle School claims "massage encourages better blood flow in the lower extremities ... [and] soaking in Epson salts made of magnesium sulfate that is absorbed through the skin is also effective. Like I even needed another excuse for a pedicure. Oh! And if you need a little more comfy sandal info, look at these 11 good-for-your-feet sandals.

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