Zoella Has Seven New Makeup Products & It's Got A Fresh & Fruity Theme To It

Michelle Phan might've been one of the first beauty YouTubers to launch her own cosmetics line, but Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella) is quickly following Phan's trail — after all, she launched her own line of cosmetics last year and she's surpassed Phan in video views. What's super exciting is Zoella has seven new makeup products that will be released in early July. These new beauty products are what'll make up her new tutti-fruitti-themed line. In her vlog, Sugg described her vision for this new line as, "something similar to the original line, but had a few new things, and kept a few of the classics, but was a completely different set with completely different packaging."

In the same vlog, Sugg shared that she has been working on this line since last year and was required to keep the news super hush-hush. However, because London's Superdrug accidentally released the news along with some of the products when they weren't supposed to, Zoella just decided to go with the flow and share the big news. She said that the reason why she chose a tutti fruitti theme was because she wanted something, "fresh and fruity," and continued to mention how obsessed she is with that scent right now.

The line includes four blocks of bath fizzers, a cleansing shower gel, body lotion with bursting beads, highly pigmented lip balm, body mist, sugar body scrub, and of course a newly designed cosmetics purse. The line will officially be available at all Superdrug locations on July 6. However, if you're really itching to buy Zoella's new line of product, you can book yourself a ticket to the UK and go on a little Easter egg hunt, as some of them are already available at select Superdrug locations.

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Image: zoella/YouTube