Holly Madison Casts Her Potential TV Movie & The Actors She Chose Are Kinda Surprising

Holly Madison has been gaining a lot of attention recently with the release of the former playmate's highly anticipated memoir, Down The Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. Back in 2005, the reality series, The Girls Next Door, depicted Madison as a giddy model enjoying the luxuries of the Playboy Mansion, and being deemed Playboy patriarch, Hugh Hefner's, "#1 girl." Madison went on to star in her own reality spin-off, Holly's World, and since its cancellation Madison has become happily married to Insomniac Events founds, Pasquale Rotella, and welcomed daughter, Rainbow Aurora in 2013. Madison is currently riding high with her happy home life and release of her memoir, but said memoir has broken the fourth wall on what the former playmate was truly experiencing during her time at the Playboy Mansion. Although she kept up an elated appearance for the cameras during her TGND days, Down The Rabbit Hole's press release noted that Madison's experience of a "fairytale life...quickly became her nightmare."

Madison's memoir has garnered so much attention already, there are already talks of the book being turned into a TV movie. According to a June 22 report from E! News, Madison stated that she is already "...looking at some options right now. I think everybody's dream would be to do the big motion picture, but I think even a really well made TV movie would be great, too." As for casting, Madison noted that she would pick a younger actress, as she was 21 when first entering the Playboy Mansion. "I would pick somebody young because they'd have to be playing me when I started at 21. I'd pick someone like Emma Watson or Lily James. Lily James is my favorite."

Regardless of whether the book could be made into a motion picture or would appear on television, the story sounds like one that would be a definite must-see.