13 Silliest 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Photoshoots Ever, From Sexy Shovels To Giant Hair

No one does a promo quite like Pretty Little Liars and its cast. After all, their dirt-covered first poster was near-iconic there, for a while. Heck, they even repeated history with a few more promo posters featuring the show's four stars smudged with dirt, looking like they just had some six feet under beauty sleep. And now that it's reached Season 6, the ads have covered everything from the ubiquitous red coats of Season 4 to the more recent trials and travails of the dollhouse — and each new poster is fabulous (and maybe a little bit silly) in its own way.

So too are all of the photoshoots and magazine features the stars of PLL have partaken in over the years. Each woman has made their way across the pages of Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and a slew of other youth-oriented (and a few decidedly not youth-oriented) magazines, and there's definitely been a touch of ridiculousness mixed in with some of the proceedings. So, as Season 6 heats up (and the Charles mystery continues to churn), let's take a few seconds to remember all of the Liars' most fun/silly/ridiculous photo spreads and promos from throughout the years.

1. The Dollhouse Poster

The concept fits in nicely with the show's actual dollhouse, but the photoshopping makes things wacky.

2. Girlfriend Magazine

Adorable, right? The pink quad rollerskates are definitely a nice touch (fun fact: They did an almost identical shoot with Entertainment Weekly ).

3. The Vintage-Inspired Poster

Don't get me wrong, this is fab, but [insert hair-full-of-secrets joke here].

4. The Voluminous-Maned Poster

Bigger hair, bigger secrets. Also, why are Hanna and Spencer half-hidden behind Aria and Emily's luxurious long locks?

5. GQ

This whole photoshoot was pure ridiculousness, in kind of the best way ever (except for the whole photoshopping issue, of course).

6. Entertainment Weekly

Posing sexily with shovels might be the actual polar opposite of posing sexily in swimwear. And the same thing goes for posing sexily on a coffin:

7. The Puppet Poster

*Cues Pinocchio theme song*

8. Seventeen

Look, we all know Aria's known for her feather earrings, but this is crazy town...

9. Seventeen Mexico

... and this is even more crazy town. Who knew the feather could even get bigger and more neon?

10. The Prom Dress Poster

Could that pastel formalwear be any more 2012?

11. ButtahBenzo

Okay, so this isn't a real photoshoot, but it's still pretty silly (and lbr, I think we'd all buy an Ashley/Shay-created album).

12. Galore

Shay Mictchell's Lisa Frank-themed shoot with Galore Magazine was basically insane — especially this rainbow-y portrait, featuring a slice of birthday cake, a giant pink lipstick, a My Little Pony figurine, sad teddy bears, and lots of stickers.

13. U! Girl

Last but not least, we get the guys of Rosewood. Nothing short of glorious. For more on the series' stars, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast below.

Images: Girlfriend Magazine; Entertainment Weekly; Seventeen Magazine, Seventeen Magazine Mexico; U! Magazine