Taylor Swift Is Lurking Your Selfies & She's Not Afraid To Admit It — PHOTO

Fans are all very aware that Taylor Swift is a social media lurker, especially on Tumblr. But while we know this — and while she constantly reminds us that she’s kinda always watching — it’s another thing entirely to actually see the evidence. But, alas, the singer is in the business of wowing us and so Taylurker Swift tweeted a screenshot of her camera roll of all her lurking screenshots. I think we can safely call that screenshot-ception. So, now that I've seen it with my own eyes, I can confirm that Tay is just like a mom who secretly combs through your Facebook and takes note of nearly everything that you do.

But, unlike a mom, Swift lurks because she wants to get to know us better, not for ammunition to prove that sending us away to college was a terrible idea. Getting a look into T. Swift’s phone is definitely cool, and even in this small glimpse into her camera roll and lurking behavior we can learn a lot about our imaginary BFF. What’s it that they say? A screenshot is worth a 1000 words? Eh, whatever, it’s something like that.

If you’re not in the mood to do some extra digging, fear not. I’ve done my own form Taylurking, and here are seven things we can learn about her by taking a closer look.

1. Girl Ain't So Good At Cropping

I think her main goal was to capture the important aspects, like captions and usernames. But, it's cool because she's good at just about everything else, anyway.

2. She WILL See Your Selfies... And SAVE THEM!

I spy with my little eye at least four different sets of selfies. So, from now on, make sure they're you're absolute best.

3. She Lets Her Battery Get Dangerously Low

16%?! Girl likes to live on the wild side.

4. She's Apparently In The UK

I think that's what the whole "O2-UK" mumbo jumbo means in the top left corner. You know, that is where Calvin Harris is from...

5. She's Better Than All Of Us "Mean Girls"

Not even one snarky screenshot of a conversation she had with one friend to send to another. Which is probably why she has enough pals to populate a small country.

6. If A Picture's Nice, She'll Screenshot It Twice

Top left, bottom right. I know.

7. This Isn't Coincidental

If you look closely, you can see that a majority of these snaps are sweet Tumblr letters to the star, and some are even warnings that they'll be in her presence soon. As evidenced by a fan named Rachel writing to the singer, "I'M SEEING YOU TOMORROW TAYLOR." And another fan similarly explaining that she'd be seeing Swift's concert on the 23rd and that she went totally out of her way (like 1000 miles out of her way) in order to do it.

I get the sense that she may be doing something special for them very soon, don't you? ;)

Images: Giphy (7); taylorswift13/Twitter