7 Reasons Tom Holland As 'Spider-Man' Will Be Amazing, Because We Should Have Seen This Casting Coming

The wait is over Spider-Man fans. After months and months of speculation, Sony Pictures and Marvel have finally unveiled actor Tom Holland as their new Peter Parker for the upcoming franchise. The news has been a long time coming, so obviously fans are eager to learn all they can about the new face of Spider-Man. And with big names like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as past owners of the mask, it's clear Holland has a lot to live up to.

Since the new franchise is entirely set in high school, producers set out to find an up-and-coming young actor capable of growing up with the role. A lot of names were thrown around including Paper Towns ’ Nat Wolff, but, after auditioning almost 1,500 boys from around the globe, Sony Pictures chairman Tom Rothman said they set their sights on Holland: "For Spidey himself, we saw many terrific young actors, but Tom's screen tests were special. All in all, we are off to a roaring start."

While it's hard to say goodbye to past Peter Parkers, it goes without saying that this casting decision also opens a lot of new doors for the franchise, let alone its new star. Here are seven reasons Holland will be an amazing Spider-Man.

1. He's Still Young

One of the givens here is that Holland is only 19 years old. A ripe age in comparison to Garfield, who was 27 when he first scored the role. At such a young age, there is promise of more movies as we watch Holland's character go from high school to adulthood.

2. He's Mostly Unknown

Even though he starred in Juan Antonio Bayona's The Impossible, not very much is known about the actor or his acting abilities. This is a great opportunity for Sony and Marvel to build yet another star.

3. He's Got the Peter Parker Look

Aside from being a total cutie, Holland has got the typical tall and lanky look that most people picture Peter Parker having.

4. He's a Professional Dancer

Not only is he an actor, but he also played the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical in London, which means he knows how to move. This will definitely come in handy when he has to do Spidey stunts for the film.

5. He's Already Worked With Another Super Hero

For the upcoming film, In the Heart of the Sea, Holland worked alongside Chris Hemsworth aka Thor.

6. He's British

Hey, it's something right? While I'm pretty sure Sony and Marvel won't have Peter Parker be a Brit, it will definitely be interesting to see Holland's acting ability while he's trying to fake an American accent.

7. He Seems to Be a Fan of the Series

Holland posted this photo almost a year ago. If that isn't proof he was born to play Spider-Man, I don't know what is.

Images: tomholland2013/Instagram (7)