Ranking Tamra Judge's 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Friendships From Least To Most Badass

Whoever wrote the book on friendships must’ve penned the benevolent bestie blueprint long before the world became acquainted with anyone from the Real Housewives franchise. I’m not saying they don’t know the true meaning of the word friend; it’s just that some (read: most) of the ladies live by the “add drama and stir” philosophy when befriending their fellow cast mates. Case in point, The Real Housewives of Orange County 's Tamra Judge aka the queen of revolving friendships. Drama and back-stabbing aside, I do have to admit that Judge has managed to develop some pretty badass friendships with her fellow Housewives that remind you how good it can feel to have a like-minded sidekick in your corner.

I know this sounds absolutely insane, especially because we’re talking about women who earn money and gain fame for fighting amongst themselves and throwing the thickest of shade. But, even for Judge, there have been moments when she’s been a part of some really great friendships, even if they are held together with super glue instead of gorilla glue. Besides, viewers like myself are shamelessly addicted to the drama, which is a good reason Andy Cohen should reconsider his stance on giving Judge a Housewives spin-off.

If you're still not quite ready to model your friendships after the Housewives, then I don't blame you, but it's totally OK to pick and choose your bestie by-laws based on this bottom to top ranking of Judge's most badass Housewives friendships:

4. Gretchen Rossi

Um, yeah Awkward is the operative word here, because that's exactly how it felt watching Rossi and Judge finally make up after they spent entire seasons bashing one another on and off the show. The badass part of their short-lived friendship is that they actually tried burying the hatchet, and Judge even apologized for her part in the ongoing rift. However, the sad part is that they're back to hating one another.

3. Heather Dubrow

Remember when Slade Smiley talked crap about Judge in his stand-up routine in Season 7? Well, she learned that tidbit of info from Dubrow. That was totally gossipy, and it fueled a TON of drama, but who wouldn't want a friend to let them know when they're on the receiving end of public humiliation?

2. Jeana Keough

So, what's so badass about a friendship where one housewife meddles in her supposed friend's divorce and has wine thrown in her face as a result? That would be the fact that they're still friends after all of this outlandish drama — for now.

1. Vicki Gunvalson

Full disclosure: I am not a Vicki Gunvalson fan. But I can be objective and admit that, up until Gunvalson's boyfriend Brooks Ayers entered the picture, she and Judge enjoyed a relatively fun friendship as far as Housewives go. They even went into business together with their Wines by Wives company, which spoke volumes about their bond — especially considering Gunvalson is generally distrustful of any other housewife. That said, hopefully the ladies can get back to being friends, because seeing Judge stir up trouble with anyone other than Gunvalson by her side just doesn't feel right.

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