From 'Harry Potter' To 'Game Of Thrones,' Slightly Obsessive Nail Art Inspired By Your Favorite Books

There's no denying that certain books have developed a rabid fan following, and there's a strong possibility that you consider yourself a devotee of one fictional favorite or another — something you might manifest in the form of book nail art. Whether you waited in line in full wizard robes (plus wand, of course!) to purchase a hardcover of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at a midnight book release party, have body art inspired by scenes or quotes from your most-cherished dogeared copy of Twilight, or quietly ensconce yourself to read treasured passages from A Clash of Kings every night, the level of adoration you pay is up to you.

Some people, like myself, like to proudly proclaim our bookish proclivities for all to see; I personally own multiple Star Wars (yes, I know the franchise originated in film, but it's inspired many a graphic novel and comic book) and Harry Potter t-shirts that I happily wear out in public (next on my must-own list, Game of Thrones).

Not into tees but you still want to show your fiction fidelity somehow? Try wearing your love on your nails! Yes, it might take some time to perfect these looks, but when you rock these novel digits you'll feel like you just won the Hunger Games. Need some inspiration? Check out this anthology of literary-influenced nails and happy painting!

Harry Potter

Clearly she used Nailus Perfectus to pull off this J.K. Rowling-approved mani.

You can manage a lot of mischief when your nails are this on point.

Game Of Thrones

The precision of the scales makes me wonder if she has some Targaryen blood in her....

When you aren't sure which house is your favorite, rep them all!

Star Wars

These totally are the droids we're looking for.


The Great Gatsby

Well, she's certainly got the opulence on lock.

Judge this book by its cover.

Hunger Games

Pay tribute to your favorite book of the trilogy.

Nails on fire.


These don't suck.

Choose a side.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Mr. Grey will see you now....

10 shades of grey.

The Fault In Our Stars

One sick set of nails.

Waaaay better than "OK."

Charlotte's Web

Say "salutations" in style.

"Some pig," indeed.

Images: Liz Black (1), Sammylovesfossas, Casey_bergen, Sloppyswatches, Amcdonough88, Ngchristie, Naildork, Birdnbee_, Beths_nails, 100happyjess, Polishpastime, _Happy_unicorn_luvs_everybody_, Smmmurph, Ashleygz, Hannahs_nail_art, Nailsbypriya, Nailsbygisella, Thelizblack, Iradelira/Instagram