Watch This "Sounds Of Summer" Compilation And Feel Nostalgic For The Retro Chic Summer You Never Had — VIDEO

To go along with the beginning of the season, Elite Daily put out a "Sounds Like Summer" video that perfectly details all the beautiful and hilarious things that happen when it starts getting nice outside again. This resonates with me on a primal level, because the official beginning of summer is one of my favorite days of the year. (I know, this year it shared the day with Father's Day, which is equally lovely.) It's one of those perfect days, because even if the weather doesn't quite hold up, the day somehow guarantees three months of warm weather, sunscreen, and beach days. And it's the longest day of the year—is there anyone who doesn't like 12 hours of sunlight?

This video is sensory overload in a hilarious, and fairly unconventional way. The fabulous chick in the video records grass growing and a basketball being dribbled against hot pavement, if that gives you an understanding of what we're getting into here. (And the dreamy way she says "solstice" will make you feel like a warm breeze is hugging you, and like you're one with that meadow in your dreams.) It's ethereal and down to Earth at the same time. That makes sense, right?

Here are a few things you should look out for this summer, according to the video:

Prehistoric summer pests


Mosquitos, that is.

Behavioral changes


Like increased sexual appetite, or the sudden urge to do a head stand.

The inclinations of the birds and the bees


You heard the lady.

Watch the full video to learn everything you need to know about summer and dribbling basketballs:

Elite Daily on YouTube

Happy Summer, guys! Mind the prehistoric summer pests.

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