Sofia Vergara & Reese Witherspoon's 'Hot Pursuit' Premiere Outfits Are Flaming Hot

The Hot Pursuit stars took Mexico City by storm at the movie’s premiere. Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon wore red dresses to movie's premiere and looked hot, hot, hot. These ladies work the color red like no one has ever done before. Spicy!

The two women have very different styles, with Vergara being more sexy and Witherspoon more sweet. And yet, they both decide to show up in the same colored dress. What are the chances? Both dresses fit each lady’s personal style to a T, so needless to say, their looks were very different. Vergara wore a form fitting number and Witherspoon’s lacy dress was sexy, yet super sophisticated. Neither actress overpowered the other, and because you can’t upstage your BFF on such a big night, you know?

I love that both women were able to show up in the same color, but still stay true to their individual styles. No "stole my look" moments here. Just two super hot women doing what they do best — wearing red, apparently!

See Vergara’s and Witherspoon’s dress here. They’re so gorgeous that you won’t be able to pick a favorite because they’re both red hot.


I love the way this dress highlights her curves.


Classic, but still very sexy. Looking good, Reese!


Can I be in their friend group, already?

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