Did Spencer Kill Someone On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Dollhouse Flashbacks Have Us Terrified & Disturbed

Just when I was starting to heal along with the Liars, Season 6 throws even more disturbing scenes our way. Throughout this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars , "Don't Look Now," Spencer had flashbacks to the dollhouse that we've never seen before, and may be some of the most brutal yet. One morning, she woke up covered in blood, with a pool of blood on the floor of her room, describing that it looked like "someone had dragged out a body." Was it real? Did Spencer kill someone in the dollhouse? Hanna doesn't think so, but anything is possible when Charles is involved.

Later in the episode, Spencer told the full story. She can't remember everything that happened in the dollhouse because every time she tried to go to sleep, Charles played a buzzer that kept her up. The one night she was finally able to sleep, she woke up to the bloody scene, with no recollection of what happened. Hanna wrote off her concerns, blaming it on sleep deprivation and fake blood planted by Charles to make Spencer think she had killed one of her friends. Clearly, all of the Liars are still alive, as are Mona and Sara Harvey, but that doesn't mean the blood was fake.

What if Charles killed someone, and made Spencer think she did it? Or what if that was all of the blood Mona had stored when planning to fake her own death, and Charles was planning on killing Mona and framing Spencer for everything? We clearly haven't seen the last of these horrific flashbacks, so hopefully we'll soon find out what happened that night in the dollhouse — for Spencer's sake.

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Image: ABC Family