Ansel Elgort & Pierce Fulton Release Song That Will Make Shirts & Skins Your New Favorite DJ Collaboration — LISTEN

In addition to dazzling the world in such phenomenal roles as Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars and Caleb Prior from Divergent, Ansel Elgort is also gifted musically. Not only is he a dancer, but Elgort is a DJ called Ansolo, who has shown off his musical remixing talents at many festivals in his free time. You know, just in case watching him in movies isn't enough to convince you that you want him to be your celebrity boyfriend. If you need proof of the 21-year-old's considerable talents, look no further than the fact that Elgort and Pierce Fulton collaborated on a song, a remix of "Genius of Time – Same Old Place." According to JustJared Jr., the pair are roommates and this is their first venture as a group called Shirts & Skins.

Hopefully, it's the first of many, because the pounding beats, rising melody, and sudden burst of audio action is going to have you on your feet and dancing in seconds. There can be no doubt that Elgort knows what he's doing; hell, there can be no doubt that Elgort does what he does well. He and Fulton work together seamlessly, and their collaboration is exactly the kind of thing that you would see crowds jumping up and down to at a concert or in a club. It also makes me wish that Elgort could score a role in the third Pitch Perfect movie, because he and Beca Mitchell aka Anna Kendrick would produce some truly beautiful music together.

If this song isn't enough to make you wish that Elgort was the one DJing at your next birthday party or business function, then I don't know what else will. Of course, I would want the actor there just for the sheer wow factor of being in the presence of that much talent across so many platforms — and of telling people that I had Ansel Elgort at my party — but that could just be me. Check out the remix below, and get ready to fall as deeply in love with Shirts & Skins as you have with Elgort.