Watch This Great White Shark Circle Around A Surfer, Plus 6 Other Shark Videos To Prep You For Shark Week 2015 — VIDEO

It's shark season, guys. You're probably wondering: When is Shark Week? And hallelujah, it turns out it's less than two weeks away. Shark week starts on July 5th this year, so you better believe I'm prepping. (No, really—I've already spent a solid amount of time looking into purchasing a sharkini.) To prepare ourselves further, we're directing all of our attention to the latest viral GoPro video, in which a great white shark circles a surfer and gives us a severe amount of anxiety. This shark gets up close and personal with the surfer, and the video was uploaded to Facebook on June 23. (Either that or it's a planted GoPro ad, but in order to keep the air of mystery alive, I'm going to go ahead and believe that it's a real video that exists on Facebook.)

We've had a very shark oriented year, which is most likely attributable to Katy Perry's Superbowl performance. For the fact that we haven't seen Shark Week grace our television screens in almost a year, I'd say we're doing pretty well at keeping up with our favorite friends with well-endowed jaws.

This GoPro video doesn't get as up close and personal with the shark as I'd like (for my viral video craving to be truly satisfied, I need to see the flash of white teeth). Nonetheless, the suspense of this video will still send shivers down your spine:

Here are 6 other shark videos to get you pumped up for Shark Week:

1. Great White Shark encounter

Chris Saunders on YouTube

That's the kinda thrills I'm talking about.

2. Shark snaps cage in half

Animal Planet on YouTube

Much action. Very teeth.

3. Shark cage break-in

Animal Planet on YouTube

This narrator is PRIME.

4. Shark bites diver

Animal Planet on YouTube

I could live on the Animal Planet YouTube page.

5. Naked science shark attacks

Naked Science on YouTube

If that title was clickbait, it worked on me. (Also, bait? Pun.)

6. The Jaws Ride

Buzz431 on YouTube

I want to go to there.