Mindy Kaling Asks Fans For Their Favorite Charities & Her Reason Why Might Make You Change Your Birthday Plans

June 24 might be just another ordinary day for you, but, actually, it's quite the special day. Why? Because it's Mindy Kaling's birthday! That's right, the star and creator of The Mindy Project is turning 36, which means we should all strap on our wine bras like Mindy Lahiri to rejoice in the fact that this amazing woman was born, inspires others, supports women, and brings laughter into our homes. Thank you, Mindy, for being you and all-around amazing. Even on her birthday, the former star of The Office continues to be influential as Kaling is giving back to charities (yes, more than one).

On Wednesday, the comedienne tweeted, "For my birthday I'd like to go shopping. What are your favorite charitable organizations and why? Tweet me link & I will give! RT my faves!" See? Rather than being selfish, going shopping for shoes, and dedicating her special day all to herself, Kaling wants to spend part of it by helping those in need. If that doesn't prove she's the one person you should be idolizing, I don't know what does.

Kaling stayed true to her word, too. If you check out her Twitter page, you'll see she's retweeted a bunch of worthy charities and organizations.

I don't about you, but I think the actress is celebrating her birthday in the most perfect way. Not only is she showing love to her fans and followers, but she's raising awareness for a variety of charities, including Sibling Connects (which reunites siblings separated by the foster system), the CCFA (which works to cure Crohn's disease), and several cancer research organizations. We all could follow in Kaling's footsteps by doing good for others.

Have the happiest of birthdays, Mindy, because you deserve it!