Paris Hilton Poses For 'Interview,' Rocks Sultry New Look You're Going To Love

This heiress' strong, Biblical image apparently began and ended with her shoot for ADON’s debut cover. Now Paris Hilton poses for Interview magazine looking like a rock star, as the mag sheds a strobe light on the heiress during their exclusive interview "The Return of Paris Hilton." The celebrity DJ talks collaborating with Lil’ Wayne, spinning her mixes and how she wants to first and foremost be recognized as a brand, all the while posing in tight leather pants, a black bandeau and spiked leather jacket with white flower embroidery at the cuffs.

Hilton uploaded a pic from the shoot to Instagram Wednesday, captioning the photo with a single “.” because that’s really all there is to say about her sultry new look. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, but a few key phrases come to mind: rock star and sex appeal.

The former reality star may not be following in the Virgin Mary’s footsteps, but she has expressed complete faith in her passion for music.

"Music has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was a little girl," Hilton told Interview. "I started playing piano when I was five years old and the violin when I was 11. My mom would have us take piano lessons four times a week, and we'd have recitals every single month. With the violin, I was in orchestra."

When I think "Paris Hilton" my mind almost instantaneously flashes back to her "Nothing In This World" music video where she's strutting around in tight skirts, her long blonde hair is poofed with product, and a whole lot of pink. But it's been awhile since Hilton's been in the spotlight, and I'm thinking her collab with Lil Wayne on her latest track, "Good Time," combined with the rock-star-glam image Interview was going for could be just what she needs to make a killer comeback.

"I think of myself as a brand, a businesswoman," she told Interview. "Musician is something I just do because it's my passion — I love it and it's something I do for fun."

I support Paris Hilton as a businesswoman, and let's face it, she's quite the brand. However, I'm looking forward to Hilton the musician in 2015, and what the music industry can do for her look.