8 Times You Just Really Need To Take A Selfie, And Screw What Anybody Else Thinks

It's such a strange paradox that this is the "selfie generation" but that taking a selfie is such a taboo. We celebrate selfies on Instagram, buy books full of them (hello Kim Kardashian) and take them relentlessly, except that we also talk behind their backs, deride them, and make fun of the people we see taking them in public. Hey guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's time to make up our minds. We're either down with selfies or we're not. We can't have it both ways. It's just way too confusing.

Because we're already in so deep, I say we embrace the selfie. For those of us who are proponents of the selfie, as you were. To the haters: I pose a big fat whatever in your direction. If you don't like, unfriend. Because at the end of the day, selfies are harmless, fun, and a great way for people to feel good about themselves. Why would you ever begrudge a person that? Here are 7 times you just really need to take a selfie, so you should do it, and fuck the haters:

1. When you're sick/hungover/feeling kind of crappy

What better time to be self indulgent than when you're not feeling great? Especially when you can reach out to the Internet for likes and words of solidarity and encouragement.

2. When you got your makeup perfect

That shit's not easy. If you get a perfect cat eye, you document that, and you show it to the world. It's your legal right and personal obligation.

3. When you feel hot as shit

It's OK to feel good and flaunt it. Our society puts so much emphasis on making yourself smaller that even though we have a "selfie culture," there's more value in being self-loathing. Self-love carries with it a certain shame, as though it some kind of impropriety to be openly and publicly happy with yourself. Well fuck that. You go love you, and everyone else can shut their mouths about it.

4. When you're with someone you love

Celebrate love in all its forms. Whether it's with yourself or with your friend, family, co-worker, or SO, take 30 seconds to selfie. When you scroll back over your photos you'll have a little memory you might not have remembered otherwise, especially if you took it while doing something innocuous like watching Netflix.

5. When your outfit is amazing

You want to remember this moment. But most importantly: WORK IT. If it's good enough for Beyonce, it's good enough for you too.

6. When you're being weird

Sometimes when I'm alone things get weird. I'm a weird person. I like taking pictures of my weirdness, because that makes it even weirder. Some get to see the light of day, others don't. But it's fun.

7. When something amazing is happening

This prawn is amazing. It deserves to be photographed. Sometimes you're alone when amazing things happen, and you should selfie them. I traveled around Europe by myself for 2 months, and there are a lot of selfies of me in front of historic locations. (This was before Instagram, so they're on the hard drive of the desk top computer at my mum's house.)

8. When you're loving yourself sick

To quote the Queen of the known universe, RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love someone else?"

Images: Kat George/Instagram