11 Thoughts Every Tom Hiddleston Fan Has On A Daily Basis

When you love someone as much as a Hiddlestoner loves Tom Hiddleston, you know that your generally sane mind tends to do weird things. Like, for instance, having recurring, pertinent daily thoughts about Tom Hiddleston. And, how most of the time, your mild (OK, major) infatuation with the British actor often bubbles over from your waking life and invades your subconscious thoughts. Like, there you are, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and you think to yourself mid-slicing, “Does Tom like his sandwiches cut into halves or fours? Does he completely de-crust it? If so, why? Why wouldn’t he just eat Uncrustables?!” So, you see, it’s a hard life. But, if you have some of these similar, daily intrusive thoughts, just know that you aren’t alone.

Hiddlestoners, you can rejoice in the understanding that most of the fandom is as endearingly crazy as you are. After all, being a fan of such a fine specimen is a major commitment. One, that cannot be and is practically never taken lightly. So, don't fret. It’s only natural that when you’re as devoted to someone as us fans are to Hiddles, that you think about him. A lot.

Here are 11 thoughts every Tom Hiddleston fan has on a daily basis:

1. "How Does Someone So Flawless Actually Exist?"

RE: All Major Deities — Important!

2. "What Shampoo Does He Use To Give His Curls The Perfect Bounce?"

Or, is it just naturally that voluminous and silky?

3. "Is He Ever Going To Get An Instagram Account?"

*Kneels* *Prays*

4. "How Can I Meet Him?"

But really, HOW?

5. "Can I Become An Extra On The Set Of Thor? No?! How Much Is A Plane Ticket To London, Then?"

Stop it, brain. STOP IT.

6. "Would I Even Survive A Tom Hiddleston Encounter, Anyway?"


7. "What Would Tom Hiddleston Do?"

Just a general rule of thumb for making any and every decision.

8. "You Think He'll Tweet Today?"

There's always hope!

9. "He's Not Going To Tweet Today, Is He?"

Welcome to frown town.

10. "Who's He Going To Thank In His Future Oscars Acceptance Speech?"

*Coughs loudly* *Conspicuously points to self*

11. "Is He The Kind Of Guy That Bites Right Into The Oreo, Or Does He Pull It Apart And Eat The Cream First?"

There are only two kinds of people in this regard. WHICH ONE IS HE?

While I may never know the answer, I will certainly always wonder. #TomThoughts

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