Josh Hutcherson is Funny. Who Knew?

In the list of celebrities you expect to host Saturday Night Live, Josh Hutcherson probably wouldn't make the cut. He's a talented actor, sure, and has a big movie coming out (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, if you've been living under a rock), but he's not exactly the most likely candidate to be hosting SNL. And yet it was announced a few weeks ago that he will be hosting this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live, and on Wednesday, the first Josh Hutcherson SNL promos for the show were released.

He's well-known, but not an A-list star; he's vocal, but not a tabloid figure; he's a good actor, but not a comedian. It's this last part that's most jarring. There's no question Hutcherson can act, but the vast majority of his roles have been dramatic. In the press, he comes off as a nice, friendly dude who, when bantering with potty-mouthed co-star Jennifer Lawrence, can throw jokes like the best of them, but we've rarely seen him show of his comedic skills solo.

While they're certainly no promise of what we'll see on Saturday night, it's a relief to see that Hutchinson seems more than capable of holding his own alongside comedy pros. Whether it's taking Bobby Moynihan's punches, "spoiling" the plot of Catching Fire, or winning the high-stakes SNL Initiation Game, Hutcherson proves that he's up to the task. We probably shouldn't be surprised; sure, the actor's never shown off his comedy chops before, but seeing as he's amazing at every single thing he does, it's not entirely unexpected.

Watch the promos below: