6 Times You Sided With Steph & DJ On 'Full House'

I've always wished I was part of the Tanner family from Full House. I would love nothing more than to hang out in that crowded home all day and get mixed up in their antics. But if my dream ever came true, I know that there'd be one potential problem — Michelle would get on my nerves once in a while. Despite the fact that of all the characters on Full House , Michelle was one of the cutest and sassiest, she was also a realistic little sister. As the baby of the family, she naturally soaked up a lot of Danny's (and Jesse's... and Joey's) attention over the course of the series, even as she got older, and while most of that attention was made of adorable scenes where all three guys would sing her to sleep, a lot of it was because she was constantly breaking the rules. As precious as she was, Michelle was clearly the troublemaker of Full House.

As someone who has a little sis myself, I can definitely sympathize with DJ and Stephanie's plight, even though my own sister never put me through the kind of havoc that Michelle wreaked on her older sisters. Michelle's definitely a beloved character, but I can't blame the other Tanner girls for the times they got a little fed up with her. Here are a few Tanner sister battles from Full House where I definitely sided with DJ and Stephanie.

1. When Michelle Blamed A Broken Window On DJ & Stephanie

In Season 4, toddler Michelle started a pillow fight with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy, and even though DJ technically broke the window, it was still Michelle who started the fight — out of nowhere. Everyone was punished except for Michelle, causing her big sisters to spend time raking leaves while Michelle walked free. Not cool, Michelle.

2. The Disney Vacation

Michelle was named Princess of The Day at Disney World, and it lead to a serious power trip where she bossed her sisters and Kimmy around for the entire day. Um, not fair! So when everyone else decided they didn't want to play her game anymore, Michelle became mad and got lost. She didn't get in trouble, though. Instead, she was invited to a Disney princess tea party, which is effectively my biggest dream in life.

As much as I felt for Stephanie and DJ during this whole debacle, to Michelle's credit, she did let Stephanie be the princess at the end of the day, so I guess I can't be too hard on her.

3. When Michelle Took A Swim In The Kitchen

In an episode appropriately titled "Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor," Michelle dragged her tot-sized swimming pool into the kitchen, and DJ and Stephanie are blamed for not stopping her. This is a scenario any older sibling is probably familiar with, and it sucks. Sure, it did make for a cute Full House scene, and yes, I totally want to take a swim in my own kitchen because of it — but it still wan't fair to Michelle's sisters.

4. When Michelle Married DJ's Boyfriend

OK, so everyone thought it was cute and all, but Michelle took it seriously, which means she was totally cool with marrying her sister's boyfriend, who she clearly cares a lot about. On the other hand, I can't blame her, because who wouldn't want to marry Steve?

5. When Michelle Threw Stephanie's Stuff Out The Window

Even though she had a totally good reason, since Stephanie threw Michelle's entire leaf collection out the window, it was still a bit of an extreme reaction. I mean, Michelle left that pile of leaves on Steph's bed, can you really blame her for wanting to get it out of there ASAP?

6. When Michelle Teased Stephanie About Dry Lips

Michelle, Stephanie clearly likes this guy, and you're making fun of her for not kissing him? That's cold.

But you have to respect Michelle Tanner. For all of her irksome tendencies, she was always cute. How did she do it?

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