Seth Cohen is Your Summertime Boyfriend

by Orli Matlow

Seth and Summer. What if that weren't the name of the couple who defined your teenagerhood, but, instead, the title of your epic romantic memoir about when you spent the summer with Seth Cohen? Seth is perfect, regardless of the season, but the particulars of summer — hot weather, more free time to spend together — make him the perfect summer fling. So much so that Bustle's Maggie Malach did "scientific" research into what makes Seth the perfect boyfriend 10 years later, and it involves insane mixtape skills and a deep appreciation for the glory and truth that is a bagel brunch.

Seth Cohen has changed many of us for the better; he taught us about the power of snarky, sassy sarcasm, the glory of Chrismukkah, and not to give up on our dreams (his dream was Summer, and my dream is him). As we spent four years learning on the show, and countless years after revisiting, we know definitively that Seth and Summer belong together. But I also know that, if I steal him for myself, it might as well be during summer, to pay homage to their perfect couplehood. I mean, it's the only way to feel right about breaking up such a great 'ship.

Here are the reasons why Seth Cohen is the perfect summer fling.

1. He'll Cry With You At Inside Out

Everyone is crying at Inside Out. Everyone. But it would be even better to have someone to hold your hand in Sadness and to help you become Joy.

2. The Weather is Good for His Looks

The heat and humidity make him EVEN MORE gorgeous.

3. He'll Take You For Margaritas

You both like Mexican food. As he says, it's meant to be.

4. You'll Watch Netflix Together on a Rainy Day

His body literally can't come in contact with rain, so together you'll get takeout and stay in bed watching comic book-inspired movies.

5. He'll Watch Even the Stupidest Movies

Because not everything can be The Dark Knight trilogy.

6. He Likes Cocktails

And summer is the time for fruity cocktails.

7. He's Down to Travel

You've been saving your vacation days for such an occasion.

8. He'll Make You Laugh

While a sense of humor is important regardless of the season, summer is time to let loose and laugh.

9. Seth & Summer Just Go Together

It just needs a better name. Good luck out there on finding your own Seth substitute to turn into a summer fling. I'll be inside marathoning old episodes of The O.C. and using my imagination.

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