Colin Farrell... What Just Happened?

Uh — WHAT? What kind of sick game is this, True Detective , that Colin Farrell is shot — potentially killed — at the end of the second episode? You can't tease us for an entire year with the prospect of spending eight glorious episodes with Colin Farrell, and then take him away from us that quickly. Or maybe you're not taking him away from us. Maybe True Detective 's Ray Velcoro isn't really dead. Which would mean, through transitive property, Colin Farrell isn't leaving True Detective. Don't worry, I'm on the case — much like Ray, except not like Ray at all — to figure out if Colin Farrell is just a distant memory.

To refresh: Ray went to Caspere's sex house (that's the industry term, I believe) to see if there were any clues to who could have killed him. While there, between the sex swing and the taxidermy animals mounted on the wall, Ray was shot by a person in a terrifying black bird's mask. And then, Bird Mask came over to suffering — but not dead — Ray and shot him right in the crotch (a la Caspere). Is Ray just another notch on Bird Mask's bedpost, or will we see Colin Farrell for more True Detective?

So the chances of seeing Colin Farrell again are really good. Like, I'm not a betting gal, but I'd put my money on it. According to IMDB, Farrell is credited for all eight episodes of True Detective, so that has to mean he is returning, right?

Plus, wouldn't it be strange to advertise Colin Farrell as a lead of the season only to kill him off 120 minutes into the season? Also, at the risk of sounding too into this mystery, Farrell is seen in moments in the trailer that have not been seen within the first two episodes... Which would lead me to assume we have even more to see of him.

So is Farrell going anywhere? No, probably not. But I can't make any promises that this guy is going to survive the season. He seems to have his hand in just about every. damn. pot. there is in the city of Vinci.

Images: Lacey Terrell