11 Times Ryan Atwood From 'The O.C.' Perfectly Summarized Your Monday Feels

Listen, we all know how we feel about Mondays. They represent the beginning of the work week and when they hit, there are so many days left before the weekend. In the words of Loverboy, "Everybody's working for the weekend." So when the Monday blues gets you down, the best thing to do is shifting your focus to something more entertaining, like your favorite TV shows. Sometimes your favorite show and favorite characters can perfectly sum up how you're feeling. Take The O.C. for example, when it comes to saying and thinking exactly what you're feeling about the beginning of the week, there's no one better than Ryan Atwood to summarize your feelings.

I know what you're thinking, Ryan Atwood never says anything. And normally you'd be right in thinking that because of how rarely he turns a phrase, he couldn't possibly say what you're feeling. But when it comes to how we all feel about Mondays, less talking and more annoyed looks and general feelings of hopelessness are much more accurate descriptions. Ryan's brooding, silent stares, and half sentences often say more than the pages and pages of hilarious, yet ultimately useless dialogue Seth Cohen spouts on a daily basis. (That's not to say I don't love Seth Cohen, I would marry that man.) Like they say, a picture —er, scowl is worth a thousand words. When it comes to summarizing how I feel about Mondays, Mr. Atwood's face and rare comments say it all.

1. When You're Not In The Mood To Talk

The fact that it's a Monday really doesn't make you want to talk to anyone in the office. Water cooler chatter? Nope, you'll be having lunch locked in your office or under your desk.

2. When You Realize How Long You Have To Wait For The Weekend

*Your blood silently boils*

3. When That Anger Makes You Jump At Anyone Who Messes With You

The smallest comment can spark the biggest outrage.

4. When That Anger Turns To Depression

Friday, what am I supposed to do without you?

5. When You Try To Figure Out What You'll Do All Week

Seriously, what is there to do on weeknights besides watch Netflix? Ooh Netflix!

6. When Your Friends Or Co-Workers Ask You To Get Drinks After Work

Just go home and watch Netflix, weirdos!

7. When You Explain Your Depression Over It Being Monday

Sometimes you just need comfort.

8. When Someone Gives You An Idea Of How To Pass The Time

Because nothing will make you forget that it's Monday.

9. When You're Forced To Make Plans With Friends/Co-Workers/Loved Ones

Not going to make things better guys.

10. But The Plans End Early Because It's A Work (Or School) Night

Me too, bud.

11. When You Realize The Day Is Over & Friday Will Come Around Soon Enough

That Ryan, always ending the day on a hopeful note. Ryan Atwood gets it.

He just gets it.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; CohenChrismukkah/Tumblr; Giphy