15 Laura Prepon As Alex Vause GIFs That Will Make You Wish You Were 'Orange Is The New Black's Piper

Sure, Laura Prepon thrived in her role as the redheaded Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show, but she's straight-up iconic as Alex Vause on Orange Is the New Black. As the bespectacled drug mule who helped land Piper Chapman in prison, only to well, land her in prison, Laura Prepon as Alex Vause is such a hit with viewers of the Netflix series that she was still a central character in Seasons 2 and 3, even though she was supposed to peace out of Litchfield after Season 1.

Despite Alex and Piper's frequent ups-and-downs and seemingly never-ending relationship turmoil (particularly with the introduction of Ruby Rose's Stella in Season 3), I'm kinda thinking that most people out there would still rather be Piper Chapman in this situation than Eric Forman. Alex Vause is a total badass, and there's just something about her mysterious-yet-awesome-AF persona that just makes Piper keep coming back no matter what. So this one's for you, Vauseman shippers — a total compilation of Alex Vause GIFs that will make you wish you were Piper, just because. And never forget that in Litchfield, #VauseIsBoss. *slams prison door shut*

When she could easily seduce you with that ~come hither~ hand motion


When she put on her glasses

When she took off her glasses

When she raised that one perfectly arched eyebrow

Eyebrows #onfleek, for reals.

When her hair was literal perfection even though she's in prison

We probably have Sophia to thank for that, let's be real.

When Alex and Piper danced

And danced

And danced some more








The end!

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