Watch "When You're Awkward Around Guys" So You Can Feel Less Alone In Your Struggle Today — VIDEO

Some girls just aren't super comfortable being friends with guys. If ~just chillin'~ with the dudes isn't in your immediate comfort zone, that's perfectly fine. It's not a skill set you need to acquire, nor is it a step you somehow missed out on in your formative years. It simply is what it is, and we encourage you to revel in and accept your awkwardness, as we so often do. And now you don't have to revel alone. You can revel with BuzzFeed Video, who put out a When You're Awkward Around Guys video to make us feel better about our levels of discomfort.

There are many different kind of dude friends that it can be awkward to navigate the dudeness of it all. Sure, you see guys at work every day, but those are Work Guys. And yeah, you might be dating a guy, but that is somehow inherently different to girls who are awkward around guys. It's when you have to get along with guys in the periphery, like your partner's squad, or a bunch of bros in the elevator that you don't know, that the awkward sauce starts to spill. The point is, there are a lot of potential male friend groups, which gives way to lots of potential for being incredibly awkward around guys.

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BTW, this video also teaches us that ice cream is a friendship cure all:


Watch the full video and feel the awkwardness run through your veins:

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