Baby Panda Twins Are Here To Wreck You Emotionally

In case you haven't heard the cuteness news ever, two giant pandas were born in China and they are the sweetest new born animals you've ever seen. We are something of experts in terms of excessively cute animals, and having shown y'all baby bats, bunnies who are bad at flirting and adorable ducklings. So when we say that this really is the cutest effing thing you'll ever see, we say it with some pretty legitimate authority. They're still hairless, and their eyes are not yet open. So basically, they're fetuses. But, like, insanely cute fetuses. Is it bad that I would rather look at these baby pandas than newborn babies I'm related to?

The twins were born at the Giant Panda Research Base in Chengdu, China after their mother, 7-year-old Kelin, was artificially inseminated. (Yeah, apparently artificial insemination is a thing for pandas too.) The babies were born four months after she became pregnant, and are in good health, feeding normally, and are overall on their way to living their best and most adorable lives. According to ABC news, they can tell that they're in stable condition based on their body temperate and milk consumption.

We now present to you the most perfect panda pics you'll ever see:

See what I mean about the fetus thing though?

This video will make you weep so many tears:

Image: mrjohncummings/Wikimedia