14 Bunnies Who Are As Awkward About Flirting As I Am, Bless Their Adorable Furry Hearts — PHOTOS

Flirting is a sport I'm only good at in my own head. I have this lovely image of me, with my makeup perfectly done, leaning over a counter or a bar, casually tossing my overly-straightened locks over my shoulder and giggling in the way that Reese Witherspoon taught me in every movie ever. Here's the problem: That's not even close to how it actually looks. In reality, my flirting skills involve me tugging at my hair (which is a legitimate nervous habit), while attempting to pass it off as cute. I guess you could say I even get "breathless," but that only means that I occasionally develop this very sexy quality in which I squish my words together and the person I'm talking to can't begin to grasp what I'm saying. It's a whole big, lovely, glamorous, awkward mess.

Flirting, as told by rom coms, is just not honest. So, we’re rewriting that story. This, my friends, is flirting as told by bunnies, and I guarantee you it will point you on a far more honest journey than any movie put out by Hollywood. These bunnies are cute as hell (much like myself, and all of you) but also just as awkward as all of us.

Here are 14 bunnies who are as awkward about flirting as I am:

1. When I try to section myself off from the crowd to invite someone to come up to me

This picnic for one could be for two, if you know what I mean.

2. When I try to be Shakira

Do you ever, like, body roll to get someone's attention? Nah, me either.

3. When my best friend and I scope out the scene at the bar

Notice they're not moving? That's because trying to approach people is terrifying to me.

4. What I look like when I try to casually ask them what they do for work

But then I look way too interested, to the extent that it's actually alarming to look at.

5. When I think someone's cute and start licking my lips like I just ate an ice cream sundae

Mmmmmmm yeah, I just know you'd taste good—and other creepy thoughts I've had.

6. When I want to roll over and die of embarrassment


7. When I'm ready for the make out

If I rub my nose against their cheek, am I doing it right? Is this good for you?

8. When my friend suggests I go talk to the cute guy

And I'm like, "You want me to do WHAT?"

9. When I'm trying to get up the courage to go talk to someone, but keep backing away instead of walking toward them

Don't rush me.

11. When I'm trying my best to look normal and my hair's sticking up in the back

12. When I try to look sexy while eating

13. What I do instead of successfully asking someone for their number

14. When someone doesn't want to hang with me

They have poor taste.

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