11 Dashboard Confessional Lyrics That Sum Up How You Feel When Your Favorite TV Show Gets Canceled

In January of 2007, Fox announced the fourth season of primetime soap The O.C. would be the series' last. It was as if my heart was ripped out of my chest and put through a Sandy Cohen-approved bagel slicer. To borrow a word from the reality show inspired by my beloved scripted drama, I was dunzo. How could this happen? How could the gods of TV do this to me? What will become of my Thursday nights? What is the holiday season without Chrismukkah? There was only one way to deal with this sort of heartbreak: lie in bed, stare at the ceiling, and listen to sad music. My sad music of choice: the emo stylings of Dashboard Confessional.

If you are a fan of television, it's very possible you feel feelings about certain programs. Strong feelings. Feelings beyond "ugh, don't spoil it." I'm talking a hardcore emotional investment. You don't just love the show; you L-O-V-E the show. Though Chris Carrabba’s lyrics don't explicitly mention sobbing about a TV show getting the rug ripped out from underneath it prematurely, the lyrics are about feeling feelings. So, if a TV show makes you feel feelings, you could argue Dashboard Confessional's lyrics are basically about TV. (That Logic 101 class I took in college was worth every penny!)

Here are just a few of the Dashboard Confessional lyrics that capture exactly how you feel when your favorite TV show has been canceled:

I'm starting to panic/"Remember?" she asked you/"Remember to breathe/And everything will be okay" "Remember to Breathe"

That feeling when... you find out your most cherished show will be gone for good soon.

I hope you're as happy as you're pretending"Screaming Infidelities"

That feeling when... you plaster a smile across your face as you watch the last episodes, post-cancelation announcement.

Please tell me you're just feeling tired/'Cause if it's more than that I feel that I might breakAgain I Go Unnoticed

That feeling when... the truth is too overwhelming, so you tell yourself it's nothing more than a temporary hiatus.

But I believe in you so much/I could die for the words that you say"Ghost of a Good Thing"

That feeling when... you find yourself pleading with the gods of TV to change their decision during those final episodes.

Hope dangles on a string/Like slow spinning redemption/Winding in and winding out/The shine of it has caught my eye"Vindicated"

That feeling when... you remind yourself there's always the possibility of another network saving the show.

I'm dying to know/Do you do you like dreaming of things/So impossible or only the practical"So Impossible"

That feeling when... you tell yourself the battle isn't over, even though you just read that the show won't be saved by another network after all.

Tonight may be the last chance we'll be given "The Secret’s In the Telling"

That feeling when... you beg everyone you know to watch the final episode with the hope that it might be enough to change the network's mind.

The hint of these new tears are sharp/I try to choke them back/But it's useless/I am useless against them/They are beating me with ease"The Sharp Hint of New Tears"

That feeling when... you watch the series finale through a relentless waterfall of tears.

You have stolen my heart/You have stolen my heart "Stolen"

That feeling when... it's the first week without the show and you realize a part of you is missing.

And the people here are asking after you/It doesn't make it easier/It doesn't make it easier to be away "A Plain Morning"

That feeling when... your friends casually joke around about the show's cancelation.

And this apartment/Is starving for an argument/Anything at all to break the silence“Saints and Sailors”

That feeling when... you'd rather sit in silence than watch TV. You have zero interest in watching anything that isn’t your now-deceased favorite show.

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