Why You Should Watch The Women's World Cup, Because Female Athletes Are Worth Supporting Too

The U.S. women's soccer team has made its way to the quarterfinals, and there are about a hundred reasons why you should watch the World Cup and support female athletes. The Women's World Cup, which is hosted in Canada this year, started at the beginning of June and is expected to wrap up July 5. When the women's team meets China on the field Friday night, it will be the first time the two countries have had a finals showdown since 1999. That match goes down as one of the most dramatic in women's soccer history, with America barely taking home the win.

As dramatic as the match is sure to be, we're all pretty (hopefully) sure that America will once again overcome, even if they haven't been totally on top of their game. Since the Women's World Cup started in 1991, the U.S. team has won twice and placed within the top four every year, something no other team can boast. If we win again this year, we will be the only country to have three World Cup titles. Which is extremely cool.

If, like Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit, you feel the World Cup isn't worth watching, here are 20 reasons why you're wrong. Really, you need to tune in ASAP.

1. Our Women's Team Needs Some Mad Love

Because not only are they busting their butts to bring home the Cup, they're doing it all while suffering from an insane wage gap.

2. Where Else Are You Going To See So Much Girl Power At Once?

These women are both insanely talented and insanely fit, and I think they could crush the patriarchy with their bare hands.

3. It's Easy To Watch

One of the worst things about the Olympics is having to deal with pesky time zones, but since the World Cup is in Canada this year, you can watch the match live!

4. Because It's One More Reason To Party

Get a group of friends together to watch the World Cup, and you'll immediately find yourself invested in the match, even if you have literally no idea what's going on.

5. Because We Haven't Won Since 1999

And this could be the year we break our 16-year drought! Now how would you feel if you missed that?

6. Because Anyone Can Play Soccer

Okay, maybe not at the caliber of these ladies, but watching the match might inspire you to get up and go outside and kick a ball around, which could be a nice change from the treadmill.

7. Abby Wambach Might Fulfill Her Life's Ambition

Wambach has been one of the main forces in women's soccer for a decade, and she's ranked as an international top scorer. But this World Cup will be her last, and she's never managed to bring home the gold. Wouldn't it be amazing to see someone fulfill their dream on live television?

15. Abby Wambach's Dogs Got All Dressed Up For This

Wambach's wife posted the cutest picture ever of Wambach's two dogs all dressed up and ready to cheer the women's team on. Get on their level, friend.

9. Women Players Are Tougher Than Men

I'm not just making this one up. Apparently female soccer players are statistically way less likely to fake injuries during major tournaments, unlike some of their male counterparts.

10. Some Girls Can Be Vicious

And it's kind of fun to watch, in a totally twisted Game of Thrones-type sick fascination sort of way.

11. It's Training For The Video Game

FIFA, the video game that everyone's brother plays obsessively, is finally adding the international women's teams to their next game, FIFA 16 (yes, there actually have been that many). If you watch the World Cup, you can now play as members of various teams that you rooted for live!

12. Maybe You'll Catch A Glance Of John Herdman

Herdman is the Canadian coach and has almost stolen the whole show. Not only is he extremely easy on the eyes, but he is always impeccably well-dressed. What a man.

13. It's Growing In Popularity

Viewership for this year's World Cup is way up compared to 2011, and people are tuning in en masse to watch the games. This is a case where following the crowd is a good thing.

14. The Fans Are Amazing

Soccer brings people together across the globe, and the dedication of the fans is amazing. Don't you want to join this awesome community?

15. Because Of Megan Rapinoe

Not only does Rapinoe score insane goals and generally dominate the field, but she's also pushing boundaries and speaking out for gay rights and representation in sports. "People want — they need — to see that there are people like me playing soccer for the good ol’ U.S. of A," Rapinoe told OUT magazine.

16. Because Game Of Thrones Really Wrecked You And You Need Happiness In Your Life Again

And you can find happiness personified in Ashlyn Harrish and Ali Krieger's friendship.

17. Because We Were All Once Obsessed With Mia Hamm

She's not playing in this World Cup, but Hamm sparked an entire generation of girls who loved soccer, and I think it's about time we renew that love, don't you?

18. You Never Got To Bend It Like Beckham

And now is your (sort of) chance to relive your childhood. Also, after the cup go watch that movie. Infinitely quotable.

19. There's Less Down Time Than Other Sports

We all love football, but man can it be slow sometimes. You don't get that with soccer because it's 90+ minutes of pure energy and action.

20. Because #Amurica

Consider it your patriotic training for the upcoming Fourth of July.

Images: Giphy (11); Oldmanriverwalk, cypher2, mls/Tumblr