More Men Than Women Think You Need To Be In Love To Have Great Sex, New Survey Says, Plus The Most Important Factors In Achieving Sexual Satisfaction

According to a new study by sex toy company Lovehoney, when it comes to sex, men want an emotional connection with their partner more than women. Apparently, women are, more than ever, able to have sex without any emotional attachments, while dudes are the ones who need love to feel sexually satisfied. While the reason for this mentality on the part of women would seem that it would be because it’s 2015 and it’s about time, “experts” think the reason for this “sexual revolution,” is that Fifty Shades of Grey has played a major part, because of course.

The poll surveyed 6,000 men and women, and found that 66 percent of women felt that you could have great sex even if you didn’t love someone. Although the percentage was still in the majority for men, it was lower than the ladies at 62 percent. When it came to how important love was in a sexual equation, 48 percent of men said it was most important while only 39 percent of women could agree. At 68 percent, women were also more likely to skip a “meaningful” relationship in favor of some good ol’ fashioned sex, whereas only 65 percent of men would opt for the same.

But why are the experts so sold on Fifty Shades of Grey being the reason for this shift in the sexual dynamic between men and women? Well, according to them, the series of books empowered women, breathing new sexual confidence into their lives. But didn’t Anna fall in love with Christian? Are the experts forgetting that part?

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, as the study found, it’s different for men and women. Here are the most important factors, aside from love (which we already know is in top place), in achieving sexual happiness for both guys and dolls.


1. Sexual Chemistry

At 29 percent, women felt that sexual chemistry was second in line to love when it comes to achieving sexual happiness. Which makes perfect sense, because if there’s no chemistry, it’s just awkward.

2. Sexual Confidence

Because of course! If you can’t be confident in the bedroom and take to hiding under the sheets, it’s not really going to be a fulfilling experience. At eight percent, women felt that sexual confidence was the most important factor in having awesome sex.

3. Sense Of Fun

I’ve always felt that if you can’t laugh and have a good time when it comes to sex, you’re really missing out. Although it’s a minimal amount, seven percent of the women polled believe that having a sense of fun in the bedroom was the stuff for the best sexual encounter.


1. Sexual Chemistry

For men, sexual chemistry isn’t as important as it is to women. Only 14 percent of men felt that sexual chemistry was necessary to have great sex.

2. Sexual Confidence

Surprisingly, sexual confidence was more important to more men than women. As the poll found, 10 percent of guys rated it as their number one factor.

3. Compatible Sex Drive

For eight percent of men, finding a partner who can keep up with their sex drive was key. I mean, if you want to have sex five times a day, and your partner is content with five times a year, then it might be time to have a chat.

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