Jim Obergefell Rocks Amazing Bow Tie

On Friday morning, The Supreme Court ruled marriage bans illegal, and Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the history-making Obergefell vs Hodges case, has already become an icon for marriage equality. Obergefell, who lost his husband John Arthur to ALS in 2013, held up his photograph in celebration of the victory, which means that same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. Obergefell and Arthur married in Baltimore, Maryland — one of the few states at the time to allow same-sex marriage — but their home state of Ohio did not previously recognize their marriage as legal.

And to make a great day even better for Obergefell, the activist received a congratulatory call from President Obama that CNN caught on air. That kind of ups the Pics-Or-It-Didn't-Happen ante, doesn't it?

Obergefell was certainly dressed like a victor as he received the ruling, and the call from Obama. He let his accessories do the talking, pairing a black suit and a crisp white shirt with an American flag pin on one lapel and an equality pin on the other, his wedding band (I'm getting happy-chills as I write the words "wedding band", which as of this morning has a whole new significance for same-sex couples!) and a cheeky bowtie in purple and white stripes. His bow tie choice could have been a nod to the color associated with gay pride and specifically, Spirit Day, when LGBT supporters wear purple in solidarity.

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Images: Courtesy Brands